E-Walker Charity Ride 2015

Togoparts Editorial Team | 9th Feb 2015 | NEWS

E -Walker just very recently also organized its first charity ride (24th Jan 2015)  and they chose the Thye Hua Kwan Home & Hostel for the disabled at Eunos as their benefactor

Riding is an excellent form of exercise which not only promotes better health but also fosters new friendships and enhances relations when riders group together to form a club or team and ride together regularly.  There are already quite a number of cycling clubs and groups in Singapore, and many can be seen whizzing around our local roads in the very early hours of dawn during the weekends, and not to mention the many other smaller groups of cyclists that ply the streets and park connectors as well.  To further enhance the usefulness of a cycling group or team, there’s no better way than putting all the riders heads together to create a charity ride, this not only keeps you healthy and strengthens relations, but also helps the chosen charity out.  Doesn’t matter if the help offered is in cash or kind, or whether it is big or small, it’s basically the thought that counts, and who doesn’t feel great when helping out someone else who might be in need or help right?

E -Walker just very recently also organized its first charity ride (24th Jan 2015)  and they chose the Thye Hua Kwan Home & Hostel for the disabled at Eunos as their benefactor, this home was chosen also because of its close proximity to the East Coast Parkway and also because of the added benefit of having the PCN very nearby, this is a huge plus in ensuring the safety of all the cyclists who took part in the charity ride, which was e-walker’s top priority on their list.  This charity ride not only consisted of local riders, but also riders from various Birdy clubs in Malaysia who took a long drive down south just to be a part of this event, some came from as far away as Penang.  Michael Lin from their Taiwan bike factory also flew all the way here to grace the event and support this charitable cause.  The convoy which was also followed by a service vehicle, then slowly made its way to Sunset Bay where they stopped for a breather as well as to have a chance to snap many memorable pictures.  After enough pictures was taken, they continued their journey to the Thye Hua Kwan Home where all of the funds raised from the event’s registration along with another sizeable donation from e-Walker was presented a them, a lucky draw then followed which had the grand prize of a Birdy Classic bike, so one lucky person actually started the event with one bike but finished it with two bikes in hand.  After the event ended, many cyclists continued on back to the e-Walker shop where new bikes and models were presented as well as a special Reach R and Reach T presentation by Mr. Michael Lin.

So it’s very clear that in this present time and period in our society, anyone is still able to make a difference in someone else’s life, it’s only takes some thought, effort and passion to see it through all the way.


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