Looking out into the vast Ridley world.


We bring you the latest news to come out of the Ridley grapevine, including their inaugural e-Bike hybrid model.

Power through the toughest terrains as MTB meets electrical power.

Ridley proudly makes its name known on its frames.

There is certainly a buzz of anticipation coming out way as Ridley announces its first foray into the E-bike Hybrid line with the 29er carbon hardtail Elykx. “E-bikes are a completely new segment for Ridley,” explains Morten Kristiansen, Head of Product & Marketing. “We recognise that many of our dedicated road athletes are excited about these new electrical MTB products and we wanted to support them with the ideal bike for off-road adventures.”

“True to the Ridley vision we offer this bike fully customised in color from our Belgian factory in Beringen,” states Kristiansen. “We offer over 50 color options in our PureLine collection available through authorised Ridley retailers around the world. All bikes are hand painted assembled in Belgium, something we are really proud of.”

On top of that, Ridley continues to honour its roots by taking its Cyclocross DNA and Gravel expertise to a new exciting full suspension mountain bike platform Sablo in 2018. “We’re really proud to release the new Sablo model,” tells Martin Schuttert, Ridley’s MTB Product Manager. “We’ve created a light and super responsive bike that is designed for modern XC racing in tough conditions with a focus on performance and durability.”

The 2018 Sablo looks extremely eye-catching!

“We recognise our customers value durability and all-day racing performance which is why we have worked with Enduro Bearings and Fox Factory Racing to create this unique suspension setup,” continues Kristiansen.

…even when it is caked with dirt.

The Sablo will be available in three color options: Black-Gold (Matte/Gloss combination), Green-Orange (matte) and Black-Red (Gloss). The Black-Gold version will be a Limited Edition assembled with SRAM XX1 Eagle. Other models include SRAM X01 Eagle or a Shimano XT 2×11.

Both Elykx and Sablo models will be available from authorised Ridley dealers in October 2017.