Bike Lanes in North Korea

ALVAN SIO | 16th Jul 2015 | NEWS

Pyongyang has decided to do what Singapore has been debating on for the longest time: Build dedicated lanes for cyclists.

Ever thought of cycling to North Korea? Well you’re in luck.

North Korea has just put up cycling lanes all over major roads in Pyongyang to attempt to reduce pedestrian and cyclist related traffic accidents.

While it may seem like common sense to those living in developed cities, bicycles are still not a common means of transport in North Korea as many people are unable to afford such a luxury there.

In the heart of Pyongyang, several strips of pavement have had paving stones replaced with smooth, cycling friendly strips marked out with an outline of a bicycle and an arrow pointing in the direction of travel.

Why the sudden investment you ask?

North Korean cyclists, much like us, are not supposed to ride on urban roads and have done what pedestrians here are all too familiar with: ride on the pavement.

This has caused many accidents and injuries to pedestrians and cyclists alike, and cyclists are constantly ringing their bells sort of like they do here too.

So next time you want to do something like ride a bike halfway round the world be sure to try out Pyongyang’s new bike lanes. You might find that it’s a better place than in Singapore, where COEs are high and big Mercs and bimmers want to run you off the road.