Bicycle worth $50,600 recovered after it was taken from owner in assault case outside MBS

CHARLES LEE | 29th Jan 2015 | NEWS

The owner of a highly-modified bicycle which is said to be worth $50,600 has recovered the bicycle, after it was taken away from him in an alleged case of assault near the Marina Bay Sands (MBS).

According to the Straits Times, Troy, the owner of the rainbow-coloured mountain bike made a police report that a man pushed him to the ground while another man took off with his bicycle.  This incident took place last Sunday evening near South Coast, a bistro and bar at MBS.

With the assistance from the police, the bicycle was recovered in some bushes near MBS.  However, the bicycle was noted to have been damaged and Troy estimated that he will need to spend some $5000 to repair the bicycle.

Originally a mountain bike, Troy said that the bicycle is now worth a staggering $50,600 because of the modifications he has made to it over a long period of 11 years.  The modifications include the installation of a reflector worth $2,000 and LED lightings worth $10,000 and the pasting of 110 stickers and 200,000 Swarovski crystals.

Troy said that he had spent a sleepless night on the day the highly-expensive bicycle was taken away from him.