Active Mobility Enforcement Officers deployed

Togoparts Editorial Team | 11th May 2016 | NEWS

LTA sends their first batch of officers to encourage safe sharing of paths and deter reckless behaviour on bicycles and personal mobility devices (PMD) like electronic scooters

Right now, our officers will be on the ground to give advisory notices and pamphlets to advise (the public) on the incoming laws

The Land Transport Authority has deployed the first team of Active Mobility Enforcement Officers to encourage safe cycling behavior on April 11.

Dressed in a bright yellow shirts and black bermuda plants, Active Mobility Enforcement officers like Nursubi Achis patrol “hotspots” that are active with both pedestrian and cyclist traffic such as bus stops, pedestrian crossings, and schools.

Officers on the Job

Nursubhi and two other team members stationed at a hotspot are equipped with walkie-talkies to help them communicate with each other. Cyclists using the footh path were flagged down and advised to take the dedicated cycling paths before being given flyers entitled “7 habits of safe riders”.

In just two hours, Nursubhi claimed that he had stopped more than 20 cyclists since the operations began as early as 7 AM.

Light punisment… for now

While getting off with an advisory may not seem like much, new legislation against unruly cyclists is expected to take effect later this year. Nursubhi and other officers will be able to take enforcement action.

Reckless cyclists can face a fine of up to $5000, imprisoned for a year, or both.