Over 250 charges against illegal motorized bike users


Higher than the 155 monthly average charges has been filed against illegal motorized bikes user after the tougher rules have been implemented in December.

A total of more than 250 charges were issued to users of illegal motorized bikes last month. The penalties were announced November last year together with tighter technical requirements for such bikes as the LTA (Land Transport Authority) tries to improve the safety of pedestrians and other road users.

LTA stated that they have “strengthened enforcement efforts” since 2011 to deal with the distress of illegally modified electric two-wheeled vehicle, which is also called power assisted bicycles (PAB).

During one of the enforcement operations held by LTA and the Traffic Police in Boon Lay last Wednesday, most of the motorized bike that were hauled were found to be equipped with throttles, a start up assistance feature.

An LTA spokesman stated: “The throttle feature may inadvertently cause a PAB to move off from a stationary position, for example, while waiting at traffic junctions. This poses a safety hazard not only to PAB users but also to other road users as well”

Under the existing rules, the motor power of the motorized bikes can cut in only when the rider starts to pedal.

With the stricter requirements that started last month, PAB have to meet European Standards EN 15194 -making them harder to modify illegally and must not exceed 20kg in weight.

During their Wednesday operations, a total of 33 motorized vehicles were checked and 16 were found to be illegally modified from which 4 were seized and their users were all repeat offenders.

As per LTA, 256 summonses were issued last month, compared to last years monthly average of about 155. A total of 1863 summonses were issued last year and 1042 summonses in 2014 and 973 in 2013.

Last month, enforcement operations were also conducted in other hot spots including Bedok, Woodlands, Tampines and Geylang busting a total of 69 illegally motorized bikes from which nine were seized.

Under the new penalty regime, first-time offenders are fined $300, up from $100 previously, while repeat offenders are fined $500, up from $200.

Among those caught on Wednesday was a 34-year-old building painter from China, his bike was equipped with a throttle which is not approved to be used in Singapore. He has bought his bike off the internet for $600. The man who declined to be named was fined $300. Stating in Mandarin, the man said: “I came to Singapore about a year ago and am unaware of the rules here. ”

-The new rules and regulations on power-assisted bicycles, or e-bikes, came into effect in December last year. These are the rules:
-The e-bike’s maximum weight must not exceed 20kg.
-It should not have a start-up assistance feature, or throttle.
-Its construction must be similar to that of a conventional bicycle.
-It should comply with European Standard EN15194 – which requires it to undergo rigorous testing.
-Motor power must be progressively reduced and cut off as the bicycle reaches 25kmh, or sooner, when the cyclist stops pedaling.
-Maximum motor power output rating must not exceed 250W (EN15194 standard).
-It can be used only on roads.
-It must be affixed with an orange Land Transport Authority seal.