12 Late-Shopper Christmas Gifts For Cyclists


Have you got someone special to buy a Christmas gift for? If you still have not found anything yet, I can kind of understand why. Some people are inherently hard to shop for when it comes to Christmas gifts. You know the type. Likes bikes, wears tights to ride bikes, gets up early in the morning to ride bikes, talks about nothing but cycling, etc …

And then there are people like myself, who are grateful for being considered gift-worthy at all. Got a T-shirt you can’t fit into? I’ll take it. I won’t fit into it either, but I need rags to clean up my bike with… In other words, super-easy to shop for. I set my bar low.

But I digress. The point is, gift-buying can be very hard, especially for someone who has a multi-thousand dollar bike. What can you possibly get which can compare with that?

Well, the first tip I have to offer when gift-shopping for someone like this is, unless you’re buying a gift for yourself, in the “from me, to me!” fashion, it’s best to avoid gifts that require any kind of technical expertise.

Like bike components, or entire bikes for that matter, or even cycling apparel – you might end up buying the wrong diameter post, wrong sized glove or the wrong size of bike altogether.

With that in mind, there are 12 novel gift ideas that can make 90% of cyclists smile from ear to ear and have a very very merry Christmas.

What’s more, most of these are available right here on Togoparts’ eStore, and you can buy and then have most of them delivered for free, within three to four working days – in time for Christmas Day.

Well, time is running short, so let’s get on with the list! And if you happen to be reading this, sweetie, erm… thank you in advance?