How many cycling loops in Singapore have your cycled on? Do you know the best ones out there? Here’s a quick guide on some of the entrances, starting points and places to explore on the loop.

Round Island Route Phase 1

Phase 1 of the Round Island Route (RIR) travels through the Eastern coast covering multiple parks and coastal attractions, perfect for those who plan to take on the RTI for the first time. The RIR is 75 km long so a trip to and fro from your starting point makes it the full RTI. Here are some of the attractions along the route;

  • Rower’s Bay Park

Although this park may be far from any “urban” areas, it’s accessible by public transport, there’s a bus stop just around the corner. But that’s why it’s attractive, to get as far away from the bustling grey concrete buildings. There’s a boardwalk to get you closer to the water, a lookout pavilion, and a wetland. It’s perfect for people who like fishing, exercising, and wildlife watching.

  • Changi Bay Point

One of the newest attractions on the RIR, the Changi Bay Point gives you an incredible view of the vast open ocean. It’s also quite far from any homes but if you’re cycling the RIR or looking for good views, this will be a great spot. There’s a wide cycling bridge, plenty of sea-facing benches, and plenty of colourful plants. But before reaching, there’s a lookout pavilion, bathrooms, and places for food making this an awesome place for picnics.

  • East Coast Park

This huge park is a great place to spend your weekend! Bring friends and family to hang out under the trees or have fun at the play towers, water play area, nature gardens, and swings dotted all over the park. Want to get active? Play beach volleyball, go cycling, cable skiing, water sports, and skating. End your day with some barbeque or dine out at the nearby hawker centre or restaurants.

  • Alexandra Canal Linear Park

This unique park is located on top of a covered canal close to the centre of Queenstown making it quite connected and accessible for families to bring their younger ones to spend their free time here. If you’re cycling or using a scooter, there are many play areas and places to eat located along the Alexandra Park Connector, so it’s perfect for families who want to spend their day out without going far.

  • Berlayer Creek Boardwalk

This boardwalk is one of the more underrated boardwalks in Singapore. But there’s no reason for it to be, it’s quaint and beautiful while offering a trail for you to enjoy natural greenery from a sheltered pavilion. There are different landforms from forests to swamps along the way so pay attention if you want to spot wildlife like the kingfishers, peacocks, Spotted Moon Crabs, and Horseshoe crabs. 

Central Urban Loop

The Central Urban Loop is located slightly West on the map despite its name. Due to its strategic location of being in the city, it is connected to many park connectors, however, you can take the entrance at Toa Payoh Town Park which connects to the Whampoa Park Connector to begin the loop. Here are some of the attractions to visit on the loop;

  • Toa Payoh Town Park

This scenic little park is a special place for couples because it’s one of many places in Singapore where the soon-to-be-married come to take their wedding photos. It gives off a retro vibe as certain parts of it were developed back in the 70s. There are pavilions, landscaped ponds, gazebos, and restrooms if you plan to spend some time here. Enjoy a quick stroll or jogging session on the brightly coloured paths or sit in the gazebos under the willow trees and look out to the scenery.

  • Punggol Park

Developed for the recreation of the whole family in mind, Punggol Park features Active and Passive Zones for the young and old. Fishing enthusiasts can also bring along their gear if they want to experience the park’s fishing promenades. Not interested in these activities? Take a stroll through the tranquil park using its paths or sit back and relax at the outdoor dining area at the restaurant within the park.

  • The Kayu Arang Trees

The Kayu Arang Trees are indigenous to the Singaporean landscape and are usually found and humid forested areas. These trees can be found all over the Central Urban Loop and are easily spotted because, from afar, they look like fluffy green cones.

  • Ang Mo Kio Town Garden West

A great green space fit for fitness enthusiasts and nature lovers. There are many footpaths trailing through the forest pouring over the hills, put on your running shoes and take a hike through the forest. Or, climb the 120-step staircase to the plaza area to get a magnificent view of the area. You can do some photography in the area with the wildlife all over the place. You can do some gardening as well with allotment gardening plots provided by NParks. 

Marina Bay Loop

The Marina Bay Loop sits on the South West of the island looking out to the Singapore Strait. Its nature of being located by the seaside makes it such a nice place to relax and take in the sights. There are many entrances to take but you can start at Sir Arthur’s Bridge near Marina Reservoir Fishing Zone 3 as there is a bus stop nearby for foldable bikes and PMDs. There are so much to explore at Marina Bay, here are some;

  • Gardens By The Bay

The epitome of integration with nature, Gardens By The Bay features amazing views in the nighttime when all the lights come on on the giant metal trees and the pathways. There are big domes that house rare plants and is open for the public to see, with an entrance fee of course. At night, there are light shows to attend, so don’t miss out if you plan to go there. 

  • Marina Barrage

A hotspot for some fun in the sun, do some kayaking or dragon boat racing if you plan to get a little bit wet. The rooftop of the barrage boasts a big green field for those who want to look over the water and relax with the family while flying some kites. The barrage’s ground floor houses a gallery that features interactive displays, exhibits, and games to promote environmental education.

  • Marina Bay Sands

This iconic piece of modern Singaporean architecture must not be missed. The building looks like a levitating ship that holds a hotel, casino, a whole lot of other facilities. But you don’t have to book a hotel room just to enjoy the beautiful lights and design of this marvel. But you can head up to the deck with an entrance fee and gaze where the sky meets the earth and the architecture that scrapes the sky.

  • Raffles Place Park

Raffles Place Park is a green area right in the heart of Singapore’s financial district. It’s a favourite spot for people in suits and ties to hang out. There are platforms where you can rests and relax while you enjoy the juxtaposition of how modernity meets nature or just go people watching.

  • Merlion Park

There is no way you can miss the embodiment of the Singaporean spirit. The Merlions can be seen near the CBD looking over the Singapore River while shooting water from its mouth. The statue is one of the most photographed icons of Singapore to date.

Coney Island Loop

This quaint little island of the North Eastern coasts of Singapore features beautiful views looking out to the ocean and hilly dirt trails to give you a sense of adventure as you take on this loop. Since this is an island, there is only one entrance you should take which is the West Entrance. Although there are two entrances, the East Entrance is rarely used because it is far from the car park and MRT station. Here are some of its attractions;

  • West Promenade

This publicly accessible promenade can be found on the western end of this little island looking over the Johor Strait. The paved area offers good spots to look at passing ships and Johor’s coastlines.

  • Casuarina Exploratory Play Garden

The garden features wooden structures to form little challenges for you to take. Use them as stepping stones or climbing structures to navigate yourself through the course. This place is perfect for families with children.

  • Themed Beaches

There are 5 beaches on the island that all represent different themes. Beach A has the Back Mangrove theme, Beach B has the Beach Front Shrubs and Coastal Climbers theme, Beach C has the Rare Coastal Trees theme, Beach D has the Coastal Hill Forest theme, and Beach E has the Beach Front Trees theme. Take your time to explore them and see what you can find.

  • Bird Hides

There are bird hides scattered all over the island, you can sometimes find endangered bird species roaming around the island but you will need to have the patience and a good eye to spot them. 

  • Haw Par Beach Villa

The Haw Par Beach Villa was once a beautiful and glamorous retreat for the Aw Brothers. The building was abandoned after World War 2 and was left in disrepair ever since. It is supposed to be out of bounds for regular tourists but if you’re one of the explorers who like to seek out hidden gems in the woods, please do so at your own risk. 

Eastern Coastal Loop

This loop is the shorter version of the Marina Bay Loop and is complementary to the original and much longer Eastern Coastal Loop but with all the adventure and sights you can see. This compact version can be started from the Tanjong Rhu Promenade. Here are some of the things to see and do on the loop;

  • Tanjong Rhu Promenade

Beginning at the Tanjong Rhu Bridge, the Tanjong Rhu Promenade brings you to the water’s edge of Marina Reservoir and ends at Gardens By The Bay. Get breathtaking views of the Bay South Garden and the Singapore City skyline. You can also get active with a variety of activities like dragon boating and kayaking at the Kallang Basin, and kiting and football at the open fields along Tanjong Rhu View and Tanjong Rhu Place.

  • Youth Olympic Park

The park was built in 2010 to commemorate the Youth Olympic Games that was held in Singapore that year. It features an art installation that features all the art from a competition with contestants ranging from 8 to 28 years old. Over 100 pieces of art can be found there. 

  • Singapore Flyer

Observe Singapore from high! The Singapore Flyer gives you the perspective that only birds had before. Located at the heart of Marina Bay, the giant wheel takes you on a half an hour journey to see the skies of Singapore. Day or night, the Ferris wheel gives you astounding views of nature and landscapes during the day and the bright lights during the night.

  • Singapore Sports Hub

This place is one of the government’s hopes to create its reputation in the sporting industry. The state-of-the-art architecture venue has seen many events and is open to the public to come and explore. Get fit while having fun with sports programs that involve both dry and wet sports. Or just have fun with the family with theme park-like activities at the hub.

This is only Part 1 of the guide, if you want to read on and explore what other interesting landscapes, scenery, and activities the Singaporean loops have to offer, here is Part 2. If you’re too excited and want to go see them, remember to take care while on the road and abide by PCN etiquette to keep yourself and others safe. Here’s the PCN etiquette guide. And since you’ve reached the end of the guide, you might want to explore these loops. Join us at #TOGOSGRTI2022 and unlock achievements and earn rewards when you cycle these loops.