Four Tips To Begin Your Two Wheeled Love Affair
Shain Parwiz | 6th Mar 2015 | FEATURES

Four Tips To Begin Your Two Wheeled Love Affair

More than an attempt to get fit, picking up a new hobby or simply a case parting with your hard earned cash, buying a bicycle is very much like the start of a new romantic relationship. And you know what they say, you never forget your first.

Knowing yourself

Right off the bat you have to decide what your purpose is and what kind of bikes will meet that need. There are essentially a handful of options that are available for you; mountain, road, commuter and hybrid.

Having a set goal in mind will aid you in moving one step closer to choosing the right bike for you. Factors that should be considered are the terrain you’ll most likely encounter on your rides, the distance covered on the rides which of course leads back to knowing your purpose. For instance, if you’re more interested in exploring off-road, the choice is pretty straightforward: Look for a mountain bike with wide, knobbly tires, a flat handlebar, strong brakes, and shock-absorbing suspension that’s made for rough, unpredictable trails.

Say you are certain that you will be spending most rides on more stable surfaces like pavements and roads, the choice of bikes available will be significantly wider. You can take a gander at the road, commuter and hybrid end of the bike spectrum.

Road bikes are typically designed for speed, with their smooth, skinny tires and curved handlebars. Commuter bikes are usually suited to shorter rides and come in a myriad of options, from the sturdy to the fashionable. And hybrids offer you the most comfort with their thicker tires and seating position which will give you ease in navigating your way during rides. The options in the market are truly staggering and it is easy to be overwhelmed. Get a better picture of which local bikeshops near you thru Togoparts Singapore Bikeshop Listings. A little elbow grease never hurts anyone.

The Fit  

While this is all dandy, it must be stressed that you have to test out the various differing models to find one that speaks to you. Once you feel that you have found the one, the next step is to get the right fit. Get the right saddle position, seat and handle bar height and reach because even the best bikes with the wrong fit will end up giving you a miserable experience.

Another aspect of ‘the fit’ will be the budget. Expect to fork out for more than just the bike. A rule of thumb usually would be to set a quarter of your budget for accessories like a helmet, water bottles and more. While it may not sound like a sound strategy, the savings from these initial purchases will pay for themselves over time.

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Say It Like You Mean It

Familiarize yourself with bike speak prior to your visit to the store. Not knowing the jargon can be intimidating and we all tend to make bad decisions when we are flustered. The Togoparts Reviews database stores all the techincal jargons you need to know to sound like a pro.

The reviews done regularly by our editorial team is also a great resource to find out what some of the latest bikes and parts in the market perform.

It Is Always Okay

You will also have to realize that no matter how much prep is put in, there will always be instances that throw you off your games and in such instances, know that it is never wrong to:

Consult the Local Bike Shop attendant: If at any stage you feel unsure, tap into their expertise and ensure that you are clear before making a decision.

Test as many models as possible: To make an omelette you have got to break a few eggs, so never skimp on your trial options. During the tests, take note of your likes and dislikes and whittle down the options till you come to one that meets all your needs. It may take a while but it will be worth it. Track down fellow Togoparts members who has that dream bike you’ve been eyeing and ask them to bring their bike out for a short test! (buy them kopi afterwards)


There you have it, a really simple guide to aid you in the search of your first bike. Remember, ride safe but ultimately have fun!

We hope this helps you find ‘the one’ that begins your love affair with cycling.