New Initiative to Benefit Local Cyclists

Commuters, motorists and cyclists will have easier and more convenient access to public transport and motoring information/services with the MyTransport.SG portal ( This new portal provides a one-stop master directory to all existing and new land transport electronic and mobile services; allowing users to check the entire range of travel options even easier as the portal provides all transport-related information/services on one main site.

The portal groups transport information to better serve travel profiles of the public transport user, student, commuter with mobility needs, cyclist and motorist. This makes checking on – bus services and MRT stations for public transport users, student fares, wheelchair accessible buses for commuters with mobility needs, cycling paths and bicycle parking facilities at MRT stations for cyclists, and traffic conditions for motorists – faster. Users can select the transport and traffic information that they need regularly and display only the selected information on their computer, laptop or iPads. They simply need to visit the ‘MyConcierge’ section, click “Add to MyConcierge” at the bottom of the webpage to save their preferences.

Seven new services have been launched on the MyTransport.SG recently. Among these are information on bus shuttles to/from various hospitals and tourist attractions, location of cycling paths and bicycle parking facilities at MRT stations and an ‘Apps Zone’.

In addition, there is a mobile version available for download at your mobile app store, with additional features suchApps Zone and Snap & Send. On top of that, a Data Mall feature available on the portal houses information on Singapore transport, traffic and geospatial data that third-party developers can tap on while the Apps Zone features mobile applications such as include travel planning tools, parking availability and taxi booking services. Snap & Send allows users to take quick pictures of road conditions or accidents to alert the community.

The MyTransport.SG portal and mobile version complements LTA and third-party travel information tools to help commuters and motorists better manage their travel time, transfers and make more informed decisions. Check out for more details.