Sun and heat cause serious damage to your bike gear. Source: Planet Hyundai

Cars can get extremely hot in the summer, and a lot of cyclists are completely ambivalent to this fact. When it’s 21 C outside cars can heat up to 45 C inside, and when it’s 38 C outside the inside can get as hot as 75 C.

If you value your bike and bike gear, you should be careful about leaving it inside your vehicle for a longer period. Here are 6 items you should be careful about:

Inflated tires

Over-inflated tires can explode

You ever saw Ironman athletes pumping their tires in the morning? Well, there’s a reason for that. If tires get exposed to heat, they can swell, deform, and potentially even explode. Make sure you don’t inflate your tires to the max if you plan to leave them in the car.

Hydraulic Gear

Hydraulic fluid can evaporate

Any liquid inside or on a bike shouldn’t be exposed to temperatures above 43 C. This goes for oil in the hydraulic brakes, chain lubes, degreasers, hydraulic suspension, etc. These liquids have a warning on them saying they should be kept below 45 C, otherwise, they lose efficacy. With hydraulic suspension and brakes, the fluid can even evaporate.

Neon-colored gear

Neon colors will fade in the sun

Neon paint gear and apparel look good and are trendy, not to mention it’s easier for the cars to spot you. The problem is that it gets sunburned and fades in color a lot faster. Leave it outside or in the backseat of your car and the sun rays will turn it white.

CO2 Cartridges

CO2 cartridges explode if exposed to heat. Source: Bike 24

Expose CO2 cartridge to heat, and it will explode, damaging your gear, car, or cell phone in the process.

Bars, gels, and Chamois cream

Remove chamois cream from clothes ASAP

This one is a no-brainer. We’ve all opened a chocolate bar in hope to enjoy a quick snack only to find a runny mess inside. Same goes for gummy packs, which will melt into a single, massive shape. Chamois cream will turn liquid in the heat. It’s called chamois cream, not chamois oil for a reason.

Wet kit and Chamois stains

Wet kit belongs in the washing machine

Clean chamois stains from your clothes as soon as possible, especially if you’re using a petroleum based chamois cream. Leaving it in the heat creates a great environment to grow bacteria. Who knows how many rinse cycles will it take to get the smell, and the bacteria out of your clothes. Leave wet kit in a tight space, like your car for example, and it will smell for days. Good luck driving your business partner around in that car.

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