The Bamboo Road

Bamboo road takes you through South East Asia

Global Cycling’s Bamboo Road expedition is 4,550- miles long. The six stage tour takes you from Shanghai to Singapore. Riders will cycle through the 14th-century city of Xiamen, and futuristic Hong Kong, they will go over the Friendship Pass on the border of Vietnam and China, and have the possibility to explore Ha Long Bay and Angkor Wat on their days off. On the journey, they’ll enjoy UNESCO sites, national parks, and feast on South East Asian cuisine. The expedition lasts from September 24 to December 18.


London to Rome

Rome to London follows Julius Ceasar

Bike from London to Rome Tour is a 1,800-mile long journey following the footsteps of Julius Caesar. The two-stage tour lasts for 33 days, from June 2 to July 4, 2018, and takes you over waterways, mountain passes, and vine-clad hills.


The 3 Islands Tour

Three Islands trip takes you through the Mediterranean

Ride & Seek organizes a cycling tour across the two largest islands in Italy, Sicily and Sardinia, and a neighboring Corsica. The ride is divided into three week-long stages, starting on May 5, and ending on May 26, 2018. Cycling the Mediterranean islands, you will get to enjoy beautiful landscapes, history, architecture, and world renown Mediterranean cuisine.



This one takes you over several mountain passes

Organized by Bike Odyssey, this tour will take you on 1,550 miles long trip from Venice to Aquitaine. You will cross the Dolomites and the Austrian Alps, ride along the banks of the Danube river, enjoy Bavarian Germany, and pass through Alsace and Burgundy in France. The two-stage tour, slated for June 2 to June 30, 2018, takes you over some of the most famous mountain passes, through several wine regions, and mountain valleys.


Che Guevarra

A trip that follows the path of Che Guevara

Another tour organized by Bike Odyssey, this one takes place in South America’s Andes. Following the path of the famous revolutionary, Che Guevara, the 29-day trip from Che, Bariloche to santiago covers a 1,460 miles distance through Argentina and Chile. Offered in two 14-day stages, it tries to mimic Che Guevara’s path from the movie ‘The Motorcycle Diaries’. The inaugural tour takes place from November 17 to December 18, 2018.


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