Chinese New Year 2018 is right around the corner – falling on 16th February, to be exact. While families are busting their fingers spring-cleaning the dusty and hard-to-reach sections of their homes, and turning out their clutter outwardly and inwardly (which includes, hopefully, making amends with long-lost friends), it’s time you do something to your bike, too.

There’s doing Feng Shui with cars. The bicycle, being a traditional metal horse made for galloping around on pedals, is probably not in the same league as their petrol-powered counterparts. Yet there’s nothing to stop you from taking a good old ride with your family during the Chinese New Year weekend – or yourself for that matter. Chinese New Year is all about being auspicious and lucky. Going along with that festive notion, you could spruce up your bike with auspicious artifacts – and invite the Fortune God onto your handlebars.


1) Wash Out and Polish Your Bike


A mud-caked bike does not seem inviting to the Fortune God thus He chooses to leave it alone.


Right, it’s a very basic and you’ll be excused if you say it – simplistic idea. Despite its simplicity, starting the New Year with a clean outlook is one of the most important pieces of advice mothers dish out to their children. If not, why do the boys get haircuts and girls brush out their hair to a sleek shine and tie it with (red) ribbons? Along the same route – or page – cleaning out your bike allows the positive Chi to flow through it.

Feng Shui principles teach that clutter create chaos and trapped energy, and while it weakens the energy of drivers in their cars, so a cluttered and dusty bike weakens your energy as its rider. Washing out your bike, therefore, renews its “vitality”. It’s also a good time to do bike-spring-cleaning – a good number of us are guilty of riding dust-coated bikes around over the weekends without washing them for weeks on end.

Some items you’ll need for washing your bike and cleaning it thoroughly:

  • A good hosepipe, or a bucket and sponge
  • Degreaser
  • Bike wash fluid (biodegradable recommended)
  • Brushes
  • Paper cloth
  • Chainlube
  • Chain cleaning device

Next, watch this video for a 7-tip journey on how to properly give your bike the good ole rub-dub.


2) Play New Year Songs On Your Bike-Dio.


One does not have to be this sassy, but you get the idea.

Blasting music while on the go on E-scooters is probably the in-trend of the young now. While it annoys the heck out of people, and leave a few old aunties cursing after the young speedster who just knocked down their shopping baskets, music can be surprisingly good for mood and Chi. Why do people turn on their radios the moment they step into their cars? Other than dispelling unhealthy silence, good music fills one’s soul with pleasure and good mood. Feng Shui principles believe that music dispels the negative Chi energy in a car’s interior. Thus by playing music while on the go, drivers and their passengers can thrive in a revitalized space full of positive energy.

Likewise, riding your bike can be a solitary experience. The very next time you’re out, gear up your music player with a few good New Year songs and play it (not too loudly) on the go. If you don’t like the dong dong qiang, do settle for some soothing tunes instead. You might find your fingers and toes tapping beat to time. Allow that ‘intrusion’. Who knows, your musical presence may liven the mood of some passing grouchy folks and remind them that hey, it’s New Year Around the Corner (besides you).


3) Put Symbols of Protection On Your Bike’s Decor.



The sticker doesn’t need to be reminiscent of the colors of New Year – it can be cool and sassy too!

Normally used for cars, but bikes can borrow the idea, too. Have a small picture of a dragon embossed on the frame of your bike, below your saddle on the seatpost or the seat tube. Or you could hang a key-chain with the Chinese word “Tiger” and tie it using a red string on your handlebars. Ideally, the symbol should stand out in a space of its own. It’s a hidden ninja of protection warding off unlucky “stuff” from your ride. Two popular examples of protective symbols are dragons and tigers. Dragons also include the element of luck. Tigers help ward off the nasty accidents and bike-thieves.

A Doggy-themed “Fu” won’t be remiss this Chinese New Year – hang it upside down!

2018 is the Year of the Dog. It won’t be remiss, therefore, to paste a dog-sticker on your bike, too. Do it the red-dog-new-year way. Alternatively, you could also consider the upside down “Fu” that the Chinese so love to paste on their house doors. Translated, “upside-down” is “倒” (dao) in Mandarin. The tonality closely represents “arrival” – 到. Signalling the arrival of fortune for you.

Decorating your bike, of course, also enhances its personality.


4) Keep in Touch with the Elements 

The 5 Elements of Nature: Wind, Fire, Water, Earth.

i) Remain Grounded with Element Earth:


This little pouch contains healing crystals.

One good “talisman” you can carry with you is a little bag of seeds, stones or crystals. Imbue the stones with your well-wishes and good intentions – energy, safety, happiness, fortune – and tie it safely beneath your saddle or your bike’s grocery basket. Alternatively, you can carry it in your backpack as you ride. Car owners usually carry such objects of luck on their dashboard. Why not bike owners?


ii) Drink Water Regularly & Connect to “Shui”:


Color of the bottle doesn’t matter; the color of its liquid does.

So Mother Nature reminds us of the importance of keeping close to Water – by drinking it. Meaning-wise, water represents humility in its ability to flow. A clear body of water also reflects our faces back to us – it’s this very same awareness and clear-mindedness we need to cultivate in the course of cycling to avoid any disaster. In Feng Shui, Water flushes out the negative energies that fill our space, brought about by our cellphones and perhaps occasional hot tempers.

Hence, in line with the Element of Water, keep close to H2O and carry a bottle of it as you ride. You might be thankful when thirst bites your tongue later. This is also Nature’s way of teaching us to take care of ourselves, hence self-love.


5) Accessorize Your Bike With the Dog’s Lucky Colors


The Lucky Colors of the Dog as shown:

Lucky Colors of the Dog are Red, Apple Green and Sky Blue. (Karma Weather)

The Year of the Dog corresponds with the element Earth. The Dog itself is a creature of trustworthiness and loyalty, hence Earthiness can be said to be its nature. Primarily, the Dog encompasses Earth in its Yang form; secondarily, it also carries the Fire and Metal elements within it.

Read this article for a better understanding of how the colors interact with one another:

In short, have something of these 3 colors to decorate your bike: a red “Fu” sticker, a green frame, a blue helmet. To make life easier, you don’t need to follow the exact shades of color. Simply have something red, green and blue to represent the Dog’s elements of Earth, Fire and Metal. This includes, but is not limited to, giving your bike a fresh coat of (green?) paint!


Question: Do you know any other auspicious items that you can hang on your bikes? If you do, let us know in the comments section!

Happy Chinese New Year of the Dog from the Togoparts Team!