A Whole New Shade Of Service

Let’s say you decide you want to get a new pair of shades. You do some homework on Google. You check your budget, head down to Queensway and haggle at the price to a new pair of Oakleys. Success? Perhaps not.

You head home to discover that your new purchase doesn’t quite fit the contours of your face. The lenses don’t satisfy your needs and your limited edition $500 investment has just found itself a slot on EBay. Well it doesn’t have to be this way and we know how this story could have finished with a happier ending.

Enter SuperShades, where your sunglass purchase doesn’t just halt with a new pair of shades on your face; it is a shopping experience taken to a whole new level.

Before you even lay hands on a pair, colourful SuperShades founder and director Ewen Woo personally takes you through the paces, giving you in-depth knowledge about the world of shades. It is clear to see that herein lies his passion. No expense is spared as he touches on all the products of brands he carries, following which you are free to touch, feel and try them on.

These brands include Oakley, Spy Optic, Von Zipper, Dragon Alliance, Knockaround as well as more indie and uber-cool brands like Shady Peeps, Le Specs and 9Five. SuperShades also carries Visionary Lenses, the much sought-after brand for extremely high-quality aftermarket replacement lenses.

Simply drop Ewen a line and a personal consultation can be arranged for a professional and customised session. This six star service coupled with the ridiculously wide range of products available puts SuperShades in a league of its own. Each session is kept casual and enjoyable, as he addresses your needs whether you are into driving, cycling, fishing, surfing or simply looking for something to hit the streets with. Chances are there will be something for you that is not only stylish and of high quality but more importantly of high comfort that serves its purpose of your needs.

Though SuperShades’ current location has some limitations, plans to expand are in the pipeline with the wheels for more brands coming aboard already in motion.

In today’s context many products are readily available, but knowledge and that personal touch which makes a good product good is sadly lacking. It is comforting to know that skilled and honest businesses like this still exist. These attributes clearly puts the ‘Super’ in SuperShades.