The all-new Togoparts Marketplace is here with a wide range of improved features that’ll vastly improve your buying and selling experience! Read on to check out what features you can expect from the revamped Marketplace.

Sleeker Design, Easier Browsing

The first thing you’ll notice when you land on the all-new Togoparts Marketplace is its new and improved layout. Sleek, easy on the eyes, and simple to navigate. The new design allows you to swiftly use our improved features and to easily browse over 27,000 thousand ads.

Search With Ease 

Did you find it difficult to search for a specific product or user on the older version of our Marketplace? We’ve listened to your feedback, and improved the search bar. Now you can swiftly search for a user or a specific ad by typing the keywords, which will make it easier for you to find your ad or user. Additionally, you’re not limited to your own country; you can also search for users and ads from Malaysia, Singapore, or Indonesia. 

Hassle-free Listing 

One of the important changes we have made, to improve your Marketplace experience, is improving the efficiency of posting an ad. Compared to our previous design, the current one is easy to navigate and helps you list an ad in a just under 3 minutes. With this clean and new layout you’ll be able to list multiple ads, hassle-free. 

Manage Your Ads

Managing ads has never been easier! Delete, relist, and mark an ad as sold with a few simple clicks. You can also search ads on your own or other users’ profiles. This allows you to easily locate and manage your ads if you’ve listed hundreds of them already.

Prioritise Your Ads

Shoot up the top of the Marketplace homepage when you purchase our Marketplace T-credits! Purchasing T-credits upgrades your ads, which will prioritise them among tens of thousands of ads.

Chat & Haggle 

With our improved chat feature, you can directly chat with users from all over the world. This will help you discuss and haggle about anything bicycle-related with absolute ease! 

Enticing Emojis

You can now include emojis on your ads. Spice up your headlines and item descriptions with an array of emojis to entice more buyers. 

Trust & Safety

  1. Flagging

Flag icons have been implemented, so you can identify and avoid scammers that have a significant amount of flagged ads. When you flag an ad, our moderators will review and investigate things further. If we agree with your flag, we will delete the ad and permanently ban the user from the Marketplace. However, if we don’t find any rules broken, we will remove the flag icon instead. 

  1. Member Badges

We’ve also introduced member badges: New Member & Verified. These badges allow us – and our users – to prevent scammers from taking advantage of our platform. A New Member is an unverified new member that will have to go through a Moderation Queue before their ad is displayed on the Marketplace. New members can become a Verified member only after 4 weeks of proper use of the Marketplace. After becoming Verified members, users will be able to list ads without going through the Moderation Queue. Verified members are trustworthy as they’ve been manually verified by our moderators. 

Visit Our Marketplace Today!

You can visit the all-new Togoparts Marketplace anytime, anywhere. With a wide range of features, you’ll be able to sell your stock with absolute ease, or you will definitely be able to find your dream bicycle among thousands of ads.