2016 Cyclist’s Choice Awards – Special Mention

“Strong values of invincible strength that is associated with great power is exactly what the Ursus brand is based upon.”

Ursus Wheels

Strong values of invincible strength that is associated with great power is exactly what the Ursus brand is based upon. Their logo which proudly features a symbol of a bull, a figure that is linked to the cycle of life, represents great power, with sacrifice representing fertility, like a blaze of fire from the sun entering the wet earth, these iconic values are what two Italian brothers, Sergio Ferronato and his brother Domenico, set out to achieve in the cycling world in the 60s.

Ursus Trademark.

The Ferronato brothers’ first big break came in 1966 when they patented the first quick release and extended its use for folding bikes, and after several product developments and more patents, they became well known in the bicycle industry with their range of hubs, brakes and kickstands and subsequently in 1967, the Ursus brand was born. The 70s was a great decade for Ursus as their products gained much popularity and production started increasing tremendously, all thanks to the increasing oil prices during this period which resulted in a boom of bicycle sales, their production grew so much that in 1978, they built a new production facility to meet the growing demands for their products.

URSUS, GENERATED BY INNOVATION. Ursus is generated by innovation. Quick release production was a new technology in 1967 and the two founders split the tasks, Sergio being responsible for the Business development of the company and Domenico was responsible for the actual production of products.

The birth of mountain bikes in the 80s saw Ursus patenting a new type of brakes for off road bikes while they expanded into other productive sectors of the market, and in the 90s, they were already exporting high levels of mechanical components into Europe for other industries as well. The dawn of the new millennium also saw Ursus venture into a completely new product as they started on their latest and most ambitious project, to develop and manufacture wheels for the cycling industry, and in 2002, Ursus wheels were born.

Ursus Wheels at world championship in Richmond with Aromitalia-Vaiano-Fondriest.

Ursus has a very wide range of wheels for the cycling industry, catering both to the road and off road markets, and their wheels can be seen being ridden by many professional teams and cyclists in many professional cycling races around the world. Through Ursus’s dedication and expertise while working with these professional teams and cyclists, we are now able to enjoy the fruits of their hard work when we bolt on a set of Ursus wheels onto our bikes and experience for ourselves first hand the high performance and quality of their wheels. Their collection of high end wheels and extremely smooth wheel hubs are proudly entirely made in Italy.

Ursus Wheels are equipped with Ursus special features which enable them to improve your performance. 

Ursus is constantly working on steadily increasing the resistance, aggressiveness and reliability of their off road wheels as they continue to collect more wins and trophies for off road competitions around the world, with their latest carbon wheel designed to meet the technical requirements of today’s most demanding competition riders, with a carbon racing rim that improves wheel contact surface with the ground, guaranteeing superior comfort, grip and steering pre while riding hard on difficult off road tracks. Ursus road racing wheels is another excellent product, and they are always in constant development seek minimal loss in power transmission from the cyclists’ legs and onto the tarmac, so whether it is for training or for road racing competitions, Ursus has the perfect wheelset to meet and demand required.

MIURA C37 Racing Road Wheels –  The Best for Clincher.

One such wheelset is their flagship Miura C37 carbon clincher wheel, it is a 100% 3K unidirectional monocoque carbon rim that has their HPS heating protection shield which is a special type of inorganic reinforced fiber is used to protect the entire rim structure from heat generated during hard braking. This rim is made with specially reinforced carbon fiber and laid up to work together in line with the force of the main load, this allows Ursus to maintain a very high rigidity to weight ratio, and together with the use of High-TG resins, these rims are able to withstand very high temperatures which results in lower deterioration of the rims over a long period of time. The spokes are mounted to the rim with patented self locking nipples which have special perforated nylon spheres that are inserted into the brim of the nipples to prevent the nipples from rotating, this ensures that the wheel stays true and centered while remaining perfectly tensioned at all times. The Ursus RSJ24 alloy wheel hubs has four sealed bearings for optimum fluidity while the rear hub has two bearings in a line that prevents the axle from flexing which eliminates the loss of power transmitted to the back wheel, carbon/alloy hubs are also offered for added weight reduction.

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