There Are Two Kinds Of Cyclists

There are two kinds of cyclists who set the tone,
Those who say ‘hello’ and those who don’t.

On the road, you see another group nearby.
As they pass, you wave and say ‘hi’.

Their faces remain unchanged like stone,
No smiles, raised eyebrows or expressions shown.

As they pass they don’t say goodbye,
They just point their noses to the sky.


Technically they aren’t wrong ignoring you,
It isn’t a must for a ‘hi,’ ‘please’ or ‘thanks’ too.

As long as they don’t scowl and flip you the bird,
You’d think it’s better not to say a word.

But just because their bikes are shiny and new,
It’s no reason to treat you like poo.

It’s like bullying the scrawny classroom nerd,
No matter what, you’ll still look like a turd.


This isn’t about being polite or cultured or nice to people,
It’s about civility, it really is that simple.

We’re all in the same community,
We ride our bikes to be free.

So the next time you get a ‘hi’ on the road, for example,
Whether from a solo cyclist or a couple,

A simple smile or a nod is the key.