Congratulations to all those who took part and completed the #TOGOPH143 Challenge! And thank you for spending your Valentine’s Day with us! 

Going The Distance!

Filipinos rejoice! You were able to cover 123,850 km in less than a month, which is over three times the circumference of Earth which is at 40,075 km! You guys cycled around the world three times in 18 days! As the biggest island in the Philipines, Luzon only covers an area of 109,965 km², imagine being able to cover every inch of Luzon and it still won’t be able to contain your distance!

Lovey Dovey

Do you know how we found out that the people in the Philippines are a bunch of loving and caring folks? The fact that 69 of you were “Hooked Up” during the challenge shows that you were up to more than just cycling during the event period. Joking aside, we’re so happy and grateful that you invited your friends to join us for the challenge. Every person that makes it to the challenge helps us take another step in making a healthier and environment-conscious community of riders.

Were you one of the 71 people who spent Valentine’s Day cycling with us? And for those who cycled with your significant other, did you have a good date? Thanks for inviting (or dragging) your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband to join you on your journey as we’re looking forward to everyone that raises their family to live a healthy lifestyle. And maybe 9 months from now, you’ll be able to raise a new health-conscious member of the family to join the community!

Past The Finish Line

The goal for every event is to have as many finishers as possible and the Philippines did not let us down. Out of 741 participants taking part, 502 of you managed to complete the challenge as finishers! Well done Filipinos, you’ve made your country proud as well as us here at Togoparts as well!

To Infinity And Beyond

This section is dedicated to the cyclists who took the extra effort to go further than what we asked them to do, so we call them the elites.

Congratulations to the 147 participants who were members of Team Inlove! To those who really carried the team to victory, you know who you are. Not every day you are able to win something for the people of your country and make them proud.

Saving everything for the last minute? 71 participants clocked in at least 20 km on the last day of the challenge to unlock the “Happy Ending” achievement. Props to those who keep a consistent schedule throughout the length of the challenge, not everyone is able to put in the effort that you do. And for those who just managed to squeeze out one ride right at the end of the challenge, lucky you for being able to release it all at the end.

Talking about going the distance, 270 of the challenge participants doubled the finishing distance and beyond by clocking in over 100 km during the first 10 days of the challenge. Looks like you guys like to break the limits, maybe we should increase the finisher distance the next time around. Tell us about your experiences when you ride around the Philippines next time, you guys must have secret cycling locations we don’t know about.

Most people take their time and take it slowly throughout the course of the event. But some just can’t hold it in, they have to burst it all out in one go. And 17 of the challenge participants are just like that, they managed to kick off the challenge by finishing it off on the first day itself! Those are some real quick finishers!

Here’s some news for you, almost half of the participants were able to unlock the “Randonneur FInisher” achievement. That’s 312 cyclists who cycled over 143 km throughout the entire challenge. And we thought that would be a hard achievement to unlock, looks like we’ve underestimated the cycling prowess of the Philippines cycling community!

Last but definitely not least of the elites, the 4 teams that probably said “Sky’s not the limit, it’s the start!” These teams unlocked the “Lovable Team” achievement by clocking in over 1000 km throughout the challenge! Shout out to the members of all 4 teams for going ballistic on your bikes and contributing to the challenge!

You’ve shown your love for the Philippines during the #TOGOPH143 challenge, where else can you go to show your support? Why not the entire world? Show what your country is capable of at #TOGORIDE2022 by teaming up with your countrymen to build a record that will last throughout the year. Ride through the seasons, win rewards and achievements when you take part in all the seasons. 4 seasons, merchandise collections, 4 sets of achievements, at one price. Can it get any better? Join now if you want to take up the challenge!