The Bridge

Not everyone in Singapore is fortunate enough to own a vehicle, as we are famously known for being one of the countries with the biggest price tags for cars in the world, partly due to the necessity of the Certificate of Entitlement which a person needs to have before being able to purchase and register a vehicle here, and on top of that, the hefty amount of taxes imposed on imported vehicles add up to the humongous bills of owning and maintaining a vehicle in sunny Singapore. But luckily, we are all fortunate to have an extremely convenient network of public transport which crisscrosses and spans our entire island, so much so that you could almost access every nook and cranny via public transport. And if you intend to bridge the gap better between the doorstep of your home and your destination, whether it is your workplace or anywhere else that you need to get to, the humble bicycle is almost always the quickest and most efficient solution to bridge between the different modes and types of transport available. But you still can’t just ride any bicycle to the train or bus station and expect to be able to carry it up with you, as our transport regulatory body, LTA, has specific regulations and guidelines for allowing only foldable bicycles and personal mobility devices onto trains or buses, for foldable bicycles, it must not exceed 120cm by 70cm by 40cm in size when the bicycle is completely folded.

Superbly Compact

The majority of the folding bicycles sold locally can be brought into trains and buses, as they are mostly smaller than the permitted size specified by the authorities, so what makes CAMP ROYALE by MOBOT so different than the other foldable bicycles in the market? For a start, the CAMP ROYALE is extremely easy to fold and for the period that I had it in my possession for testing and evaluation, I averaged about less than 10 seconds to fold or unfold this awesome bicycle, because the folding mechanism is so simple, it greatly reduces the folding and unfolding time as well. This cleverly engineered folding bicycle has only three simple and quick clamps that you need to unlock or loosen to have it folded completely into a superbly compact package, and you don’t usually need to lower the saddle at all because with the saddle still up, it allows you to hold onto the saddle to easily and safely and easily push and manoeuvre the folded bicycle around, I even managed to push this bicycle around with me inside a grocery shop as I had decided to ride to the nearby shop instead of driving there. The folded bicycle has four small wheels incorporated into the rear rack and rear triangle that keeps it very stable and upright even when on itis being left on its own, unlike other foldable bicycles which are much less stable and might easily fall over onto their sides if not placed properly. When the saddle is lowered completely, this foldie can even be easily and discretely stored under your desk at work, and I estimated that I could easily fit three of these bikes into my MPV’s boot, while still leaving a lot of ample room in the boot for carrying more stuff.

All Geared Up

The CAMP ROYALE comes standard with 6 speeds and with gearing matched very well to the bike’s usability, I could take this bike almost anywhere, I could ride it at fast speeds or easily climb uphill without feeling too tired at all, this is due to the Sturmey Archer 3-speed internal gear hub that sits in the rear wheel, with a 13T and 16T freewheel giving you more than enough speeds to tackle almost any kind of terrain you might encounter, all that is required is to shift the right CAMP SL shifter for the 3-speed gear hub, or the left shifter to control the freewheel, and because this bicycle utilizes 16” wheels, the gears are perfectly matched to the crank via a 48T crankset. At some point during your ride, you would still need to slow down or come to a complete stop, to achieve this, the CAMP Linear Pull Braking System provides strong braking power when required, even when you need to control your speed when going downhill. With the mainframe built from sturdy and lightweight CAMP chrome-alloy steel, this bike weighs in at a rather lightweight 13.1kg, light enough for almost any adult to easily carry it onto the bus, but yet strong enough to handle any rider up to 110kg in weight.

Perfect Package

If you are currently looking for a folding bicycle that can seriously fold into an extremely small package, then look no further than the CAMP ROYALE, as not only will you be impressed by the compact 600mm by 630mm by 380mm folded dimensions, you will be blown away by how easily and quickly this bike can be folded and unfolded, as an added bonus, you are also able to get the special bag that clips onto the front of the bike so that you don’t have to carry it on your body while riding. CAMP ROYALE comes in four different colour options, Kaki Green, Black, Blue, and Red, to satisfy almost anyone’s colour preference. Unlike many other brands of compact folding bicycles in the market which cost quite an amount, CAMP ROYALE is currently retailing at a promotional price of only S$1,399.00 and the frame is even warranted for 5 years! You can check out MOBOT and CAMP ROYALE‘s website to get a closer look at this amazing folding bicycle.