For any avid and serious cyclist, we know that it is quite tough to find the ‘perfect’ helmet and we always seem to have to make some compromise and settle for one that is ‘ok’ or ‘not bad’.  Whether it is the helmet’s functionality, design or colour, it is very rare to find a helmet, or any cycling accessory for that matter, that fits all our needs as well as wants, but if you have seen, tried and tested enough helmets in your life, you will eventually find and discover the elusive ‘perfect’ helmet one fine day.

KPLUS Sports is a Taiwanese sports and fashion company that specializes in manufacturing professional cycling helmets, featuring their main brand core system: EXQUISITE, FIT, DRY, SAFETY. They have a wide range of helmets to suit both the serious cyclists as well as the leisure riders

Their stylish, edgy and unconventionally designed helmets re-interprets the idea of ‘safety’, while providing riders with high-quality, light-weight and breathing bike helmets at the same time.The helmet is no longer just a piece of safety equipment to protect your head while cycling, but KPLUS has designed their helmets to be a self-expression through the different styles and colours that they have.  Their products’ designs aim to highlight facial features while also being aesthetically pleasing to the eye, incorporating a modern and simple design based on the core functionalities to create a visual experience never seen before in helmet design.

In view of the tightness and discomfort that most Asian cyclists have when wearing European and American designed helmets which seem to be made quite narrow, KPLUS analyzed a huge amount of data collected from the field and came up with the New Asian Fit which has been developed based on three different sizes, exclusively for Asian cyclists, to basically improve the level of fit and comfort of their helmets to match our more rounded head shapes


The SUREVO is KPLUS’s highest performance helmet designed for racing, it’s vanguard fashion design with the streamlined lines and tail end allows for air to easily flow through it as well as to provide for a more aerodynamic shape with lower wind resistance. The exquisite shell is made up of two layers and together with the trimming, it effectively improves the safety of the helmet while redefining the classic look of the helmet into a modern and high tech appearance.
The helmets also have a very cool and sleek gradient colour effect for two of their most popular helmet colours, the Aurora Blue is a metallic turquoise type colour which gradually changes to a darker navy blue colour, and the Lava Red is an extremely metallic candy red colour which I’ve never seen before on a bicycle helmet, and if you look closely at the paintjob, you can even notice extremely fine lines which form a curvy and wavy pattern, very cool indeed!

The SUREVO comes with three different types of foam padding, which are a 5mm memory foam pad,a 5mm thick regular foam pad and an extra thick 10mm regular foam pad for an extra snug helmet fit, either one of the three types of padding will definitely suit any individual’s head shape and provide the best comfort and closest fitting experience.

The K1 head fit system in this helmet allows for a significantly wider range of adjustment, and with the enlarged adjustment knob making adjustments more comfortable and intuitive.  Embedded with the vertical adjustments, it can fits more steady while adding better comfort at the rear of the head.

By going through repeated wind tunnel tests, the cooling vents are specially designed and arranged not only to achieve aerodynamics efficiency but also let it stay cool and dry when use. During ride, the helmet’s excellent ventilation created special air channels inside the helmet that cools the wearer’s head to prevent any unnecessary heat build up around the head.


Another racing helmet from KPLUS is the Net, it is a very uniquely designed helmet which features multi-layered lines and curves on the outer shell, while the inner shell plays a significant role in structural support, with its placement and thickness meticulously calculated.  The overlapping dual-shell design is not only effective in resisting impacts to the head during any unfortunate fall or crash, but the arc design of the NET helmet enables the head and helmet to roll or slide upon impact, greatly reducing the impact force.

All of KPLUS’s helmets are manufactured based on the industry’s highest quality standards. They are strictly tested not only to surpass Taiwan’s very own CNS safety test standards, but also Europe’s CE-EN1078 certification as well. Therefore, every wearer can rest assured that their heads are very well protected every time they put on a KPLUS helmet

So if you are keen to give these beautifully designed helmets a try, you can contact the local distributor Bike31 or visit their store at Serangoon Nex Shopping Mall and their very friendly staff will be glad to help you out with any questions or queries that you may have.