Many cyclists here in Singapore wear spectacles and it may be a hassle to put on contact lens prior to rides for those not comfortable with sticking foreign objects into their eyes. One solution is addition of optical inserts into sports sunglasses if the particular model allows and even so, it may not necessarily be the most aesthetically pleasing or comfortable.

So it begs the question: are there any sports glasses out there which are sporty yet suitable and practical for day-to-day use? That answer might be found in Rudy Project’s Maya SUF prescription sports sunglasses.

Technologies and fit

Appropriately named, the SUF stands for ‘Sports Utility Frame’ that is laden with proprietary technologies to minimize weight and maximize safety and comfort. The Maya SUF’s Grilamid frame is a high quality thermoplastic material that is shock resistant, lightweight and non-allergenic.

The ultra-light temples are constructed from Kynetium, a revolutionary aerospatial alloy which combines Magnesium, Silicium and Titanium. The easy mount optical insert “NYLOR” system allows for easy switching of lenses depending on the user’s preferences and needs.  High tech and lightweight materials are just one part of the Maya SUF’s construction – the 360degree adjustable rubber temple tip and adjustable nose piece ensures an optimal fit for the user.
Wide range of colours and lens shapes
With the Maya SUF, it is possible to select from 10 different types of lens based on the user’s own style and field of vision and 15 colour tones to choose from, there can be up to 150 combinations, which means one can create his/her truly unique pair of prescription sports sunglasses.

Above: With 10 lens shapes to choose from, the Maya SUF is designed to fit any face shape
For an even more exclusive look, Rudy Project also offers the possibility of buying different colour nose bridges and temple ends.
Visit any authorized Rudy Project dealer to create your unique pair of Maya SUF prescription sunglasses!