Interview with David McQuillen, Part II

Welcome to part 2 of our Sufferfest feature. We continue with our interview with David McQuillen, founder of The Sufferfest, to hear more about the ‘Fest and what it holds in store for us.

In part 1, we were discussing about Sufferfest being a ‘one man show’, we close this interview with more about what makes Sufferfest special to Dave, and to its customers.

Dave McQ: I do everything man.

TGP: Okay when you meant everything, you really mean everything…

Dave McQ : I stuff envelopes. Also, from a small business angle, Sufferfest is entirely self-funded. So I don’t have any investors, so I always have to be really careful with money. So I couldn’t go and hire big order fulfillment to do my stuff, I don’t have the money, so… I think…yeah. Just learned a lot doing it myself, I feel I’m more in touch with my customer. Somehow, this feels comfortable.

I love dealing with customers. I got an email yesterday in which a guy wrote to me saying:

“I know you probably get a lot of emails that your videos are good, but I just wanted you to know that your videos are my fave! I’m a big cyclist and I used to go out all the time on outdoor rides, but my wife has stomach cancer, so I can’t leave the house to go for a ride. So the only time I have to train is indoors, and your videos are escape for me. It’s the one hour of the day where I am not fighting cancer, where I am not trying figuring out how to get through another day. When I’m on Alp d’Huez, battling Alberto Contador for the victory”. 

You get emails like this which are just awesome. I can’t imagine anyone else touching my emails. And this is where I feel so good about what the Sufferfest does.

I always say, Sufferfest is not about making people suffer, it’s about making people feel proud of themselves, ’cause that’s when you come off.  When you get off that bike after that hour and you knew you stuck with Alberto Contador on the ride to Alp d’Huez down to that sprint, you feel good right? That’s what it’s about, it’s how you feel after the workout. During the workout you feel awful (laughs) but afterwards, you think, ‘yeah man, I pushed myself, I didn’t give up, didn’t give up on that interval’.

And you see people on Twitter…like there’s a guy this morning who comes on Twitter to check Downward Spiral. And tomorrow he’s gonna do it twice.

This concludes our interview with Sufferfest founder Dave McQuillen. We thank Dave for taking the time to chat with us, to share his thoughts and plans for The Sufferfest. It is always a pleasure to sit down and talk with someone who is extremely passionate about what he does.

World Premiere: There Is No Try

Welcome to the ‘Fest!

The Togoparts editorial staff were invited to take part in the Sufferfest’s first ever world premiere for their latest video “There Is No Try”. The event was held  at the Athlete Lab (, and was hosted by the big kahuna himself, Dave McQuillen.

The calm before the storm…

“There Is No Try” is a workout that aims to build speed. It definitely delivers a sizeable serving of hurt, in an entertaining package of increasing intensity intervals riding with the likes of Brad Wiggins, Peter Sagan, and Fabian Cancellara. With these guys in the mix, you just know that the next 60 minutes will not be easy.

The workout is purely supported by an electronic soundtrack. But, being a rock person myself, I found the track selection lively and motivating. Nevertheless, music can only block the pain for so long, and I found myself wishing I would get a flat tire by around the 6th interval. Much to my dismay, flats don’t happen indoors. So much for my way out of this hurt locker!

Once the lights go off, it’s into the hurt locker we go!

TINT not just gives you a killer workout with the soundtrack to match it. It keeps you entertained as well, watch out for one involving white bibshorts. For all the effort that this video tries to keep you in the pain zone, it drops in some nuggets of comedy gold that just adds to the pain. How does one laugh and grimace at the same time? You’ll find out when you get on a trainer and pop in this video.

Overall, TINT is a helluva good workout. The pain, the agony, and the suffering will all translate to higher top speed, and an increase in cruising speed after a day or two of recovery.

The TGP editorial guys’ faces tell it all after they completed TINT…