Your SG50 Weekend Round-Island Getaway

Day 1 – From West to North

It’s a 4 day weekend, and we’ve all been implored not to leave Singapore for overseas riding holidays so that we can participate in Singapore’s Golden Jubilee. What are you going to do instead then? Go for a local riding holiday of course. How about a local riding holiday to celebrate Singapore’s Golden Jubilee? One that can be truly called ‘epic’? Here’s an idea!

Singapore’s park connectors are fantastic, but try riding around the island. When I say “around”, I mean literally around it. Here’s a proposed route, spanning 4 days and a clockwise lap of Singapore’s circumference, which I’m affectionately calling “Journey to the West”.

Do note that directions are approximate, and that bicycles are not allowed on highways. Here we go!

Day 1, 7th August: West-North

Raffles Marina – Singapore Discovery Centre – Nanyang Technological University – Lim Chu Kang Road – Neo Tiew Road – Kranji Way – Woodlands Road – Woodlands Waterfront Park – SAF Yacht Club – Admiralty – Sembawang Park – 50km

Your journey begins with a flag off from the Johor Strait Lighthouse, located at Raffles Marina just to the south of the Tuas Second Link. Head northwards towards Raffles Country Club, and turn left onto Tuas Road.

Continue along this road till you reach the PIE. Bicycles are not allowed on highways, so whenever you encounter one en-route, take the adjacent small roads, in this case, it’ll be Joo Koon Circular Road which will lead to Joo Koon Crescent, Benoi Road, and Brani Road, which will connect you to Nanyang Technological University via Dunbar Walk.

Once on campus, ride over to the northern exit at Nanyang Avenue and get on Jalan Bahar, which will lead you down to Lim Chu Kang Road, and eventually Neo Tiew Road. You’ll be crossing Kranji Reservoir via Kranji Way, and once over, you’ll head to Kranji Loop and Kranji Road. Hang a left turn at Woodlands Ave 3 to make your way towards Woodlands Causeway. You’re nearly at the end of day 1!

Once you are past the Causeway, you’ll be facing the Johor Straits at Woodlands Waterfront Park. Take a break here! Then, continue down Admiralty Road West and hang a left to the SAF Yacht Club, or head on towards the last stop of the day at Sembawang Park, after Admiralty Road East.

This day’s journey will be one of solitude, as you are unlikely to encounter much in the way of vehicular traffic, which for these roads, wouldn’t have much even during normal weekdays.

That’s because they comprise the more rural, ‘country-side’ of Singapore. The western portion of our little island is mostly zoned for industrial use, with farmland being part of that definition.

Once you reach Sembawang Park, give yourself a pat on the back. Coincidentally, today’s route is approximately 50 kilometers – what a way to kick off the SG50 weekend!

Day 2, 3 & 4: From North to East to West

Day 2, 8th August: North-East

Sembawang Park – Yishun Neighbourhood Park – Seletar Airport – Marina Country Club – Punggol Waterway Park – Lor Halus Bridge – Pasir Ris Farmway 3 – Pasir Ris Drive 3 – Loyang Avenue – Changi Beach Park – 34km

Today’s trip will span about 34 kilometers, so it’s not such a killer ride. Starting from where you left off on Day 1, head towards Yishun Neighbourhood Park, which is down south of Canberra Link. Continue on Yishun Street 22, Yishun Ave 6, Ave 8, and across the Lower Seletar Reservoir at Yishun Avenue 1. You’ll be close to Seletar Airport, but take a left towards Seletar North Link instead, which will bring you to Marina Country Club, and Punggol Waterway Park. From there, you can ride along park connectors over Lorong Halus Bridge, which will put you on Pasir Ris Farmway 3.

Make your way over to Pasir Ris Drive 3, where, if you prefer, you can ride to the shoreline and continue eastwards towards Pasir Ris Town Park before emerging at D’Resort @ Downtown East. From there on, it’s a simple ride down Loyang Avenue before you arrive at the day’s destination, Changi Beach Park. Enjoy your dinner (or supper) at Changi Village!

Cycling lanes are abundant throughout this day’s ride, so it should be a pleasant one.

Day 3, 9th August: East-South

Changi Beach Park – Nicoll Drive – Changi Coastal Road – East Coast Park – Tanjong Rhu Road – Tanjong Rhu Footbridge – Singapore Indoor Stadium –  Kallang River Park Connector – Singapore Flyer – Marina Boulevard – Marina Bay Cruise Center – 35km

This is probably the easiest day of all four, which gives you a much needed break after the long rides of the last two days. Start your ride after lunch, and meander down Changi Beach Park, down the super-long Changi Coastal Road, and continue riding down East Coast Park – where so many of us learnt to ride a bike. The National Day celebrations will have begun in earnest – soak in the atmosphere!

Day 4, 10th August: South-West

Marina Bay Cruise Center – Maxwell Road – Anson Road – Keppel Road – Telok Blangah Road – Pasir Panjang Road – West Coast Park – Pandan Crescent – West Coast Road – Penjuru Road – Jalan Buroh – Pioneer Road – Raffles Marina – 41km

Start the end of your round-island trip with a ride down our Central Business District, as you head down Maxwell Road and Anson Road towards Keppel Road in the direction of Harbour Front. And from there, it’s another ride down Telok Blangah Road, towards Pasir Panjang Road, where you’ll eventually get to see the sea and sand again via West Coast Park.

Once you reach the northern-most end of West Coast Park, it’s back to the roads as you ride up Pandan Crescent, merge into West Coast Road, and head for Penjuru Road, over the Jurong River via Jalan Buroh, and finally down the long, long Pioneer Road towards Raffles Marina.

And that’s how you end a round-island trip of Singapore – by being a Pioneer and revisiting Raffles!

Enjoy the Golden Jubilee weekend!

Remember, this is just a rough guide, so take my route recommendations with a pinch of salt. There are many smaller roads you can use and sights to see. Just remember to enjoy each day’s ride, and don’t worry if you end up somewhere you didn’t intend to go!

And if you think all this is a bit much, this guy James Lawrence, apparently just completed 50 Ironmans in 50 consecutive days in 50 different states. That’s a 3.8km swim, a 180km cycle and a 42km run for 50 consecutive days. Amazeballs! In comparison, this round-island trip took 4 days and covers only 166 kilometers.

Lastly, if you intend to follow this guide, leave a comment – I’ll be out riding this route over the weekend and don’t mind having some company!