The Miche in Miche Guerciotti

At Taipei Cycle 2011, immediately after going to Guerciotti, we went to the component supplier for their race team. Miche has been collaborating with Guerciotti as a supplier of components for the Miche Guerciotti race team. Miche follows the tried-and-tested formula of sponsoring professionals and letting their results speak for themselves.

Having ninety years in cycling, Miche is the oldest Italian bird around the Taipei Cycle exhibition that we visited. Started in 1919 by Ferdinando Michelin, the 100% Italian bicycle component manufacturer still continues to produce leading-edge components for road, track and mountain bikes in its factory in Treviso, Italy.

As vintage as the name and company Miche might be, it would be wrong to say that you can’t teach old dogs new tricks, because Miche proves that they have a lot of new tricks up their sleeves that make them highly competitive in racing. Today, Miche is at the forefront of innovation in their own special way. They make components ranging from brakes, wheelsets, crankset, racing-grade cassettes and other high-performance parts.

Miche brings with it an interesting line of additions to its range. The key item that caught our attention at their booth had to be their new ZeroPoint tabs. These are made to ameliorate the imbalance of a spinning wheel caused by the long valve in a deep profile rim. Application of these tabs is simple as they are self-adhesive. All you have to do is to stick the correct weight on the opposite side of where you valve is. The ZeroPoint promises to make a bike more stable, faster and brake better. They come in black and transparent with weights of 9g and 6g, depending on the amount of weight necessary to balance your wheelset.

Miche also has something for cyclocrossers, with its new carbon fibre brakes, carbon fibre crank with a customisable chainrings and carbon fibre wheelsets, namely the Cross groupset. The Cross group is a competition-grade group that has chainrings suitable for an 11-speed Campy drivetrain or a 10-speed Shimano drivetrain. The Primato cassette, one of the lightest cassettes, has fully customisable sprockets, and wheelset-wise, there’s the SWR Full Carbon Cross, made in carbon fibre or the Cross AXY, made in aluminium.