No Limits

Having fifty years of experience in bicycle manufacturing, Guerciotti strives for a perfect union of passion and prestige. A passion for cycling and prestige won from being a manufacturer behind a few well known racing teams such as Team LPR and Androni Giocattoli-Diquigiovanni. Guerciotti’s racing thoroughbreds also have been tested by the likes of Gilberto Simoni and Michele Scarponi. Undoubtedly two of Italy’s well-known racers turned Guerciotti bike tester.

Guerciotti builds every carbon fibre bike with the No Limit Carbon Engineering (NLCE) concept. Built on the belief that carbon fibre can be used innovatively to break barriers set up by traditional designs, NLCE is represents Guerciotti’s intricate carbon fibre selection process, bike design, unique wrapped carbon layering and interweaving technique.

NLCE incorporates four concepts – Raw Material Quality Testing, Lightness Wrapped Carbon Technology, CLS Carbon Design and Integrated Carbon Drop-Out System.

Raw Material Quality Testing simply refers to the quality control employed by Guerciotti, whereby every material is selected is based on its properties and quality.

Then comes the Lightness Wrapped Carbon Technology, which is the antithesis of monocoque frames. Realising that layered and interwoven carbon can have very dissimilar characteristics when positioned differently, Guerciotti can thus prioritise certain areas for more strength.

CLS Carbon Design is the next property employed in designing a bike. CLS stands for Comfort-Lightness-Stiffness, the quintessentially ideal characteristic which all manufacturers seek to achieve. To this end, Guerciotti seeks to achieve the best ratio between these three aspects of a frame through a design methodology that seeks to increase the efficiency of a frame by placing strengthening ribs in the chainstay, for example, or designing the seatstays in a particular way.

Lastly, the nascent Integrated Carbon Drop-Out System is an interesting aspect of designing a drop-out. Currently only available on the Eclipse, the drop-outs that are usually glued on are now integrated into the frame through the use of wrapped carbon and then layered with two anodised aluminium plates to increase strength.

The flagship bicycle from Guerciotti, the Eclipse is flagship bicycle that represents all that Guerciotti has to offer. Being one of the lightest frames, the frame displayed at Taipei Cycle weighed in at 870g, it is surprisingly not a monocoque frame. Instead, it employs the Lightness Wrapped Carbon Technology from Guerciotti to build the frame. This process gives different areas of the frame different characteristics. The Eclipse is also the only frame to have an integrated carbon fibre dropout, sandwiched between two aluminium plates to give it additional strength.

However, the Eclipse has limits. Its strength lies in being a climber’s favourite, but because of the nascent technologies Guerciotti employs, it comes with certain limits. For example, it cannot take a rider heavier than 80kg, and does not excel in certain aspects of racing.

Nonetheless, the Eureka from Guerciotti cannot be discounted as a second-rate bike. It is the bike of choice for the Miche Guerciotti team, and for a good reason. The Eureka, on the other hand, is a monocoque frame from Guerciotti that can take up to 90kg, and is suitable for all styles of road riding. It is still very stiff and is highly responsive.

Lastly, Guerciotti also has the Gemini, which offers a frame for the hardcore enthusiast. Mitsubishi 24ton, internal cabling a BB30 and can carry up to 120kg and has a range of standard sizes from XS to XXL.