The symbiotic relationship between Dahon and Biologic is one that is prevalent in the Dahon-Biologic booth in Taipei Cycle. On the perimeter of the booth, there were many Dahon bicycles, including the most interesting Tournado, the new Vector series and the new Dash series. On the inside, Biologic dominates the whole area, with the bikes from Dahon being platforms in which the commuter accessories manufacturer displays its synergy with a Dahon bike.

Dahon launches its new range of bicycles, the Dash and the Vector. The Dash is a new addition into the Midtown Mini series, and is the first in Dahon’s range to have drop bars. The Vector comes in three varieties – the X10, X20, and X27, which replaces the Mu SL, MuEX and Speed Pro TT respectively.

Embedding new technology into its range, such as hydroforming and redesigning certain frames. Hydroforming allows complex shapes to be moulded and this is evident in the new hinge, which is different from previous versions. Beefing it up by 20mm, the frame is now stiffer. Also, by adding a chainstay that was absent from the Mu series, greater stiffness can be achieved.




On the other side of the Dahon coin, is Biologic. This year, Biologic brings us even more tools for the commuter. The ideas don’t seem to ever stop from the engineers at Biologic, who truly have pioneered a few firsts in commuter-friendly accessories.

At the heart of their smartphone-bicycle integration program is the new ReeCharge Case for the iPhone. The Case is a weatherproof casing with an integrated lithium polymer battery that helps your iPhone battery to stay fully charged, or to bolster features such as GPS or MP3 playing which can be a great battery drain. Used with the ReeCharge Case Bracket whose clamp has an allowance of 40mm, which allows you to use it on a wide range of conveyances such as a motorcycle. If you don’t need this, however, the original Bike Mount for iPhone 4 is still available.

In addition to that, Biologic is offering the BikeBrain Lite, which allows you to turn your iPhone into an integrated cycle computer, with the standard speedo functions and GPS mapping. The program allows you to custom the data that you want to see and it is free from the App Store.

Power does run out, but not with the Biologic ReeCharge Dynamo Kit. The hub dynamo from Biologic allows you to go on long tours or rides where power-hungry applications such as GPS or music playing would drain batteries quickly. Paired with the ReeCharge, you can keep USB-charging devices alive as long as you pedal.

Lastly, the Cipher Cycling Gloves are made to be ideal for urban commuting, especially in temperate climates. The full-finger gloves come black in colour with two reflective strips and the forefinger and thumb have an integrated 3M conductive fabric which allows you to have no problems operating a smartphone.

Some other new items seen in the booth is the Biologic suspension seatpost and the clamp-on rack. The details aren’t out yet, but we saw a demonstration of the suspended seatpost and it compressed and rebounded smoothly. The clamp-on rack is a unique invention, and it truly is useful given its quick-release properties, but from what we see, it is unlikely to supersede the bolt-on racks that Dahon bikes use.