Suitable for a wide range of prescriptions and ideal for most types of sports and outdoor activities, the ImpactRX system is a highly engineered vision solution developed with leading optical laboratories and utilising state-of-the-art equipment.

ImpactRX enables the correction of all types of refractive defects: myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia. 5 axis CNC machines, specific software and wrap calculation know-how are required to define wrap compensations to selected eyewear geometry and original patient’s prescription formula.

Prescriptive/corrective lens designed specifically for sports

With ImpactRX, Rudy Project is committed to excellence and redefines the concept of RX solutions for sports. More than two decades of research and development in the optical business have allowed the scientists at Rudy Project to launch 6 specialty lenses specifically designed to suit most atmospheric conditions and engineered for action.
ImpactRX Photochromic Technology

Rudy Project’s advanced photochromic technology aims to adapt visual performance and eye protection while ensuring exceptional comfort. Perceived benefits include realized visual acuity, enhanced sharpness, reduced glare and light transmission management for all climatic conditions.
Increased comfort and safety compared to contact lens 
For most people, contact lens can be used without any problems for daily routine activities but they may not the most comfortable when it comes to playing sports. Elements such as wind, dust, pollution and sweat can result in very uncomfortable situations: burns, infections, conjunctivitis, hypoxia and real damage to the cornea.
Contact lens can also cause visual instability (dryness, shock, sweat, etc). Moreover, contact lenses with UV protection are no substitute for sunglasses.
Rudy Project ImpactRX lenses are the best solution for athletes with prescription problems. ImpactRX lenses provide a non-invasive solution that does not alter the eye physiology. They protect the eyes from outside agents and from damaging UV rays.
In addition, ImpactRx is the strongest material for prescription lenses. It has a life-time guarantee against break or crack. Thus, even if the wearer falls or is hit, his/her eyes are safe.
Increased field of vision compared to traditional RX lenses
Traditional base 4 lenses (flatter in profile) offer a limited field of vision. Thus, during sports activities, precious information can be lost, with dangerous consequences for safety!
Wraparound Base-8 lens (curved to match the shape of the eye) ensure a very wide field of vision. The optical design of the Impact RX lenses limits annoying prismatic effects and aberrations, causing no distortion in the peripheral vision. The resulting safety and comfort are unparalleled in traditional products.
Overall, ImpactRX represents a revolution in sports prescription lenses. It is also possible to go full-custom with Rudy Project’s configurator program, with either single vision or progressive lens design. Crafted with safety, protection and versatility in mind, ImpactRX lenses are virtually unbreakable and available in a variety in colours. They are also available in photochromic versions in order to suit different lighting and weather conditions.
Another model under the prescription collection is the Rudy Project Maya SUF sight glasses, whether for regular or sport applications. With more than 10 styles of lenses and 15 frame colours to choose from, you can create a pair of prescription sports glasses/sunglasses that reflects your personal and unique style!

Rudy Project’s ImpactRX lens and Maya SUF series are customizable and stylish alternatives for those looking for sports prescription glasses/sunglasses. Head down to your nearest authorized Rudy Project dealer to find out more.