Unwrapping the package for Öhlins RXF 36 Coil, it feels like Christmas came early. Sure, Öhlins’ headquarters isn’t quite at the North Pole, but it might as well be: this is one Swede gift for mountain bike racers.

Developed in the ultra-competitive world of Downhill and Enduro mountain bike racing, the RXF 36 Coil is a steel sprung fork set for 29” machines – one of the latest offerings in the stellar product line-up from the Swedish suspension manufacturer.

An esteemed name in the world of motorsports, Öhlins doesn’t pull back on its punches. And taking on the RXF 36, it quickly becomes evident that this fork was designed for serious riders.

“The RXF 36 Coil gives uncompromised trail traction, its confidence inspiring. It’s ready to race straight out of the box,” says Downhill star Adam Brayton.

Mountain biking ace Walker Shaw agrees. “I’m a huge fan of the way it feels on both small bump sensitivity as well as how supportive it is on bigger jumps, in berms, and on rough trails in general,” he says.

Indeed, coil sprung suspension is having a revival in top-level mountain biking. Riders appreciate the benefits of absorbing the big hits found on Downhill venues, matched with a consistent feeling and easy set-up.

With TTX technology damping and a steel coil spring, the RXF 36 Coil is the front-end counterpart of the TTX 22 M rear shock. Together, they are the perfect match. Set it and forget it; with a coil setup, your suspension is always ready for your next ride.


Drop in your spring of choice and fine tune the ride height using the adjustable preload. The linear nature of the coil spring gives a predictable and reliable fork that performs consistently regardless of temperature, air pressure or wind direction.

The RXF 36 Coil is internally adjustable from 160 mm to 110 mm travel. A spring range with springs in 0.9 N/mm increments warrants each rider to find the ideal spring just for them.


The external preload adjuster and floating spring piston design allow the ride height to be fine-tuned, without reducing small bump sensitivity. And the extremely low friction that comes from removing the air seals gives an initial feel that is hard to beat.

“After extensive development with our supported teams, we are very excited to launch these new products onto the ever competitive mountain bike market,” says Öhlins Mountain Bike manager Torkel Sintorn.

Able to cater for riders who want to use air or steel sprung suspension at both the front and rear of the bike and in different wheel size formats, the RXF 36 Coil gives so many more options for racers and recreational riders developing their bikes for the ultimate smooth ride.

The Öhlins RXF 36 Coil is available at official distributor Sporting Motors and authorised retailers. For more information on the Öhlins range of top quality suspension products for mountain bikes, contact [email protected]