Scammers and rip-offs will always find a way to slither their way onto any platforms, unfortunately. Which is why we thought it would be helpful if our users can follow a guide on how to spot and stop them in their tracks!

Ways to detect a scammer:

  1. Inspect the images & category

One of the main hints that you might have stumbled upon a scammer is the images attached to their ads. Some scammers tend to list multiple ads at once. However, the images used on each would have drastically different backgrounds. That is a major warning sign that the scammer is attempting to lure users in with attractive images of various bicycle models. Another thing you can keep an eye out for is the category they listed their ad in. For example, if they listed a bicycle on the bicycle parts category, that is a sign to steer clear from that user.

  1. Check their username

A lot of scammers tend to not use names, or anything else that might seem like a normal username. Instead, they will emphasise the country they are in. For example, they will use names such as, “SG_PremiumBikes”. The emphasis on the country, and that they are selling “premium bikes”, is instantly a red flag to steer clear of this user. Another warning sign is having an odd name that seems out of place, such as “tomdjones”. Usually, scammers tend to be new members; so beware as you browse the Marketplace and a user with a “New Member” badge catches your eye. 

  1. Check the price

If the item listed is a brand-new mountain bike, that usually costs thousands and is set at a few hundred dollars, then you are most likely dealing with a scammer. Some scammers might attempt to entice you with an extremely low price. As they lure you in, they will immediately try to sneak in extra fake costs. For example, the scammer may claim that they need “additional shipping costs” due to them “living overseas”; despite listing the ad in the country you’re currently in.

  1. They avoid meet-ups

Another warning sign that you might be dealing with a scammer is that they will avoid meet-ups and cash on delivery at all costs. Scammers want to be hidden at all costs; they might also be in a completely different continent. They will prefer to use online payments, and they will usually ask you to pay before physically receiving the item. 

  1. Foreign number listed on the ad

Another clear sign that you’ve stumbled across a scammer is that they listed a foreign number on the ad. If a user listed an ad on the Singapore marketplace, but added a foreign number on their description, then it’s best to stay away and move on to another ad entirely. 

Ways to detect a rip off:

Buyers can also cheat you if you are not careful. The main red flag you should look out for is if they insist on paying via Paypal. Some people use Paypal to cheat sellers by creating a fake Paypal account, and when they “pay”, they will send a falsified receipt. After you notice that the funds have not actually been sent, the buyer will send a courier to collect the item, claiming that they have already paid. So, be sure to provide buyers with a list of secure payment methods that you prefer. 

New & improved features to safely browse the Togoparts Marketplace:

Our team has implemented measures to prevent scammers from listing an ad and deceiving our users. Everyday users can now report an ad if it seems suspicious, and our team will investigate the matter further. You can also flag an ad. The flag icon will remain on an ad until our moderators remove the flag or the ad entirely. This will help users identify scammers that have a significant amount of flags. 

We’re aiming to lock scammers out, permanently!

At Togoparts, we want our users to browse, buy, and sell on our Marketplace with absolute peace of mind. We hope our newly implemented upgrades to our security measures will stop scammers and rip-offs in their tracks. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our overall security, please do not hesitate to contact us on [email protected] or [email protected]!   

Here are a list of scammer numbers to stay away from, as collected by our community:

Forgien ContactsLocal Contacts
+60 17 725 8954+65 9894 1487
+60 11-1857 0868+65 9894 0641
+1(204) 400-5102+65 9057 8342
+447451275380+65 9897 2446
+61 488 890 773+65 8175 5898
+1 (213) 761-5976+65 836 15890
+161 3482 0561 +65 98972446
97518-3302 +65 87702039
8888 1849 2695+65 8210 3814
+150 6267 2565+65 9135 2958
+61 488 871 676+65 8254 4066
+639155424450+65 9866 8534