Ever heard of Grouphunt? Well if you haven’t, perhaps it’s best you read on. Why, you ask? Well you’re gonna score yourself some great deals with this website and it’s ingenius crowdsourcing concept that’s proven to recommend you only the best stuff at the best prices.

Now you wanna read on? We asked 5 key questions to Grouphunt and got their response about it, which will shed some light into the main idea behind this wonderful initiative.

What’s Grouphunt’s concept all about and how does it work?

The concept is simple: GROUPHUNT brings cycling enthusiasts together, providing them the tools to discover, share and buy the best new products as a group. The power of collective buying unleashes significant discounts, benefiting all the members.

How it works in 3 simple steps:
1. Users suggest cycling products to the Grouphunt community.

2. Community members are alerted to the top daily hunts so they can discuss and vote on the products they like to buy together.

3. Once there are 25 requests, Grouphunt negotiates a wholesale deal with the vendors/suppliers on behalf of the community, and brings in the product at a significant discount! The larger the group hunting for the product, the better the price for them!

How did the concept come about?

First and foremost, the team behind GROUPHUNT are product enthusiasts, weekend warriors and geeks at heart.

Within our own interests/hobbies, getting access to knowledge and the latest products to fuel our passions fast became second nature, and quickly ate into our pockets. Buying certain products together with others in bulk to enjoy deep discounts seemed like a really natural step for us!

Before Grouphunt, the team was involved in a crowdsourced products marketplace for over 3 years, and got to know many suppliers and vendors around the region – putting us in a great position to negotiate for deals and group discounts for our community of enthusiasts.

Who can and does use the website?

Anyone and everyone! Beyond cycling, we also house various interest groups ranging from skateboarders to fishing, tech to calligraphy lovers.

If you have an interest or hobby, or just passionate about anything – you should be on GROUPHUNT!

What other benefits does Grouphunt offer as compared to other e-commerce sites?

The secret sauce is the value of our community. Our community of enthusiasts care deeply about their product or activity, and hold key knowledge to unearthing the best, new products in their category. By taking up a crowdsourced approach to product selection, we’ve created a discovery model that pushes the best products to the top.

New users getting into cycling can learn more about the best products from more experienced cyclists, while seasoned cyclists can group together to unlock deals for the products that they care about.

We believe that this insider knowledge is often more valuable than standard product descriptions. After all, purchase decisions on specific products are often the result of thorough research and personal recommendations, right?

Are there any fees/costs involved?

Absolutely no fees to the user, it’s 100% free to have an account and post a product you want! Once Grouphunt negotiates a deal with the supplier, we take a small cut to cover our payment processing before passing the bulk of the savings (typically 20-40% off) back to our community.


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