How To Get Your Partner To Love Cycling


Does your wife or girlfriend love cycling? No? Well, not yet anyway. Here’s all the tricks that I know of to get her interested in riding!

#1. First of all bro, take it easy.

First off, the trick to lovin’ bikin’ together is to recognise that you can, or will love riding bikes for different reasons.

For you, it may be all getting a much-needed workout in the great outdoors, or hanging out with a bunch of your buddies. For her, it may be just one of many lifestyle options open to her.

This particular option would be a chance for her to get away from the stresses of urban life, or just create a welcome break in her daily routines. Which means she may not want to deal with bugs, mud, or even break a sweat.

For these reasons, you’ll want to start her off on the hobby nice and easy. Remember driving lessons? You didn’t get on the North-South highway right away and drive to Kuala Lumpur from the get-go, or go off-roading in a 4 by 4 expedition vehicle. So it is important that you take some time to ease her into becoming a true blue cyclist.

And I promise you, it will be so, so worth it, because a couple that rides together, buys new bikes together!

#2. Plot a path of least resistance

That can happen right away – buying new bikes together, I mean. Because buying her a bike that she’ll love is the best way to start. (If you bought yourself a bike at the same time, that’s double happiness!) What kind of bike should you get for her, though?

I’m thinking of something that has a step-through frame that’s skirts-friendly, that’s easy to get on, easy on the eyes, easy to ride, easy to maintain, easy to maneuver – simply just easy like Sunday morning.

Something like the MB02 Mini Velo from Wheeler’s Yard (, for instance.

It’ll be a bike that has a short wheelbase, and small wheels, for fitting into small spaces and easy storage, and riser bars for ease of handling. (The MB02 Mini Velo also sports a slack fork for stability on the straights, plus slick tyres and 7 gears for easy riding on park connectors.)

#3. Colourise, Colourise, Colourise!

A comedian once claimed to have found answer to the eternal question “What Do Women Want?”. Apparently they generally want the same things men want, except in prettier colours.

The ideal bike then, will have a wide choice of lovely colourways to choose from. (The MB02 Mini Velo comes in pink, black, light blue, dark blue, cream and a special shade called Tiffany.)

And oh, it’ll have to look chic, fashionable and comfortable, too. (The MB02’s swooping step-through frame, petite dimensions and well-padded leather saddle just oozes stylish simplicity.)

#4. Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise!

If you’ve been reading our features regularly, you’ll know that I think accessorising your bike fulfills a deep primal instinct to turn an anonymous store-bought bike into your one-and-only special steed. That probably goes double for your female half.

Slap a funky-looking basket on that bike so she can portage her bag, phone and camera (think lifestyle), get a matching helmet, and maybe add a bell to complete the customisation, and your other half will be good to go and ready to fall head over heels in love with the cycling lifestyle.

#5. Fashionise, Fashionise, Fashionise!

Want your missus to love the look of being a cyclist as well – whilst never ever breaking a sweat? Get her some chic-looking threads to go along with the rolling stock. These Q36.5 short-sleeved jerseys, designed for the female form and taste, fit the bill, and are now available at Bikes n Bites (

Designed for Italian summers, these are high-performance, minimalist (only 120 grams!) sportswear, made to protect your sweetheart over a wide range of riding conditions such as temperatures from between 15° to 40° Celsius, and speeds from between 8 to 80km/h.

The good people at Q36.5 say that “The jersey is constructed from a polyester microfilament (UniqueFabricL1) which conjugates the need for breathability (given naturally by the fabric’s structure), superfast drying speed, lightest weight and ergogenic fit… In fact sensitive riders will immediately notice the extra comfort given the slightly thicker and softer fabric which, while in no way comprising breathability, pulls the moisture away from the body far more efficiently than the paper-thin fabrics used in other true lightweight jerseys.”

Too long, didn’t read? I didn’t really, either, but I understand their gist – your other half will feel really really comfortable in these jerseys. And, more to the point, look really great in them too, as she always does no matter what she’s wearing anyway (you might want to add, hastily, before she raises her eyebrow).

Head over to Bikes n Bikes ( to check out their wide range of bikes, sportswear, accessories, and coffee, to keep you stoked while she shops for her perfect top.

#6. Keep it short and sweet

Right, so you got the bikes, you’ve got her the clothes and the accessories, now what? You go riding, of course.

To get off to an quik-n-easy start, here’s a feature I wrote a few months back, on where you can bring your kidsduring the long holidays. You can bring your other half to these places too, with one caveat: you’ll want to make your rides short, sweet and, well, age-appropriate.

After all, remember, your other half is a grown woman by now (I certainly hope she is). She may not enjoy the same things your kids do! She’s not riding a bike to “build character”, she’s doing it to chill out and spend meaningful time with her soulmate – you – and hopefully pick up your hobby along the way.

#7. Go to school together

Later of course, if the biking bug bites hard, you’ll both enjoy spending even more couples’ time together, by attending biking classes. These are local courses designed to teach important bike-handling skills, and are just the thing to progress from leisurely cycling to treating cycling as a serious, challenging and possibly competitive sport that you’ll greatly enjoy.


The trick to lovin’ bikin’ together is to recognise that you can, or will love riding bikes for different reasons.