Vittoria Tires

Vittoria Industries Ltd is the leading manufacturer of bicycle tires, and since being established way back in 1953, they have truly made quite a name for themselves in the bicycle industry, they manufacture over 7 million tires in a year covering almost every type and size of bicycle tire for the road, for urban commuting as well as for off road use, and on top of that, they also manufacture over 900,000 tubular tires and their infamous and unique Corsa series of cotton tires. Vittoria tires are proudly manufactured in their own factory which was founded in 1988 and located in Bangkok Thailand, where all of their tires, tubulars and inner tubes are manufactured and then shipped across the globe for sales, also located in the Bangkok facility are their Research and Development department as well as a new 11 million dollar compound factory which currently has one of the most innovative R&D centers in the cycling industry. In 2014, Vittoria also ventured into the road wheel market with their very own line of wheelsets which include alloy as well as carbon wheels and offered in both clincher and tubular versions.

Rubino Pro Road Tire

Rubino Pro Road Tire and Barzo Cross Country Tire

Wize Rides
Started in Singapore in 2001, Wize Rides began as a distributor for car audio components and accessories, but in 2011, they branched out into the cycling industry and lately they have been awarded the exclusive distribution rights for Singapore for Vittoria tires. This new collaboration will soon equip Wize Rides with Vittoria’s product range of tires and tubes for the road, urban and off road use as well as their wheelsets too.

Rubino Pro Road Tire

The Vittoria Rubino Pro road tire is a very well known with a finely tuned balance of all of the critical elements that makes this tire the best in its category, the design of this tire makes it suitable for both daily intensive training as well as for racing use, and it is also suitable for use in almost every road and weather condition. The tire is manufactured with three compounds, which Vittoria have termed 3C for a layering process that utilizes three separate and different types of compounds in the same tread, which improves speed, provides excellent grip and suppleness where and when it is required, and thanks to the thicker tread portion of the tire, there is an extra level of puncture protection. Another unique compound used in this tire is the G+ Isotech compound, it is a Graphene compound with revolutionary G+ This casing thread density for this tire is 150TPI which is a good all round compromise of weight, durability, rolling resistance and comfort. This tire has been known for its excellent performance characteristics for being an excellent everyday training tire as well as performing well during races, and yet this tire is priced very reasonably when compared to other brands of tires with similar performance characteristics.
Barzo Cross Country Tire

Vittoria also has an extensive range of off road tires that covers almost every imaginable type of mountain biking that a rider may do, they have tires specifically for cross country, all mountain, downhill as well as for e-bikes, and if you currently own a fat bike, there should be a Vittoria tire for your special bike too, even the new Plus sizes are covered by many of their popular tread types and patterns. The Barzo Cross Country is a championship proven tire with an aggressive XC tread pattern which is suited for the most technical types of off road terrain, the medium spaced knobs caters to a range of terrains and track conditions while the Moto-block square knobs offers superior stability and durability, tactile grip is also improved with the progressive sipe-angle pattern. This tire is manufactured with Vittoria’s exclusively developed 4C compounds to achieve performance without any compromises, 4C is made up of four layers of different compounds in the same tread, which in turn offers unmatched versatility with the use of separate base and surface compounds as well as different compounds for the center and the sides of the tread. This tire will provide plenty of grip when cornering hard on loose terrain with plenty of traction and control to get through technical sections at faster speeds and many of the product reviews praise this tire for its excellent cornering ability without sacrificing speed and predictability.