FootLoops – The Lifestyle Bicycle Shop

Nick Ee | 10th Mar 2017 | FEATURED

FootLoops is a lifestyle bicycle and accessories shop here owned and run by Singaporeans.  They place a strong emphasis on comfort and design, so the bikes that they carry are easy to cycle and maintain, not to mention look great and are super photogenic as well.  Compared to the high-end performance bicycles, FootLoops provides products catered more towards the leisure and daily commute segment of the cycling market.  The main house brands that they carry include Bobbin city bikes from London, Tula road bikes from Bangkok, Vincita cycling bags from Bangkok, along with a very wide range of Crops locks and lights from Japan.

Bobbin bikes are mainly citybikes which have pretty upright riding positions, the bikes are much more comfortable to ride if you don’t intend to cover a long distance in the shortest amount of time, they all feature quality painted frames, curved handlebars, and are available with various speeds, some utilize standard shifters and derailleurs while some have internal hubs which is much like a car’s gearbox, with a few speeds or gears housed in a single assembly in the hub, matching pannier racks are also available if more storage space is required.

Tula roadbikes are speedier 18 hybrid machines suited for the fast rider who needs to commute faster than the leisure cyclist, the bikes are available with compact dropbars or with a flat bar and come in a range of very refreshing and bright colours.  Fitted with Shimano Sora componentry, the 18 speeds available are more than sufficient to cover almost any riding condition that you might encounter during your commute, 700x23c skinny two tone Kenda tyres provide little rolling resistance so that more of your energy and legs’ power gets transfered into forward movement without much loss.  The frame and fork is made of chromoly steel which is not only light on the scales with only a weight of about 11.5kg, but it is strong an durable too, able to provide you with many years of wonderful rides and unfailing service.

Vincita bags are mostly pannier bags which can be slotted onto the pannier racks for ease of fitting and removal, plus they not only look great as a lifestyle or work bag, but they also compliment your town or city bike too, most models are made from strong and durable 1200D and 600D polyester fabric and in a variety of refreshing colours too.

Crops manufactures a huge range of affordable locks and lights, and all for different purposes too, like the Pro-Lion which is a double locking alarm system, this unit features an alarm adaptor that can be mounted direct onto the bike’s frame, and any movement detected by the motion sensor will set off the alarm, on top of that, this alarm unit can be used together with the K4 locks for added security and theft protection for your prized ride.  Crops also has a range of cycle computers, they even have an odometer feature that allows you to keep track of your servicing and maintenance durations, similar to what you would have for your car, all for the benefit of preserving your precious ride and keep it running smoothly for a long time.

On top of all that, the staff from FootLoops also pride ourselves on going the distance for customer service!

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