UClear is available at Hodaka Motoworld.

Boomless Mic Technology

Ever experienced a situation where you’re riding at the front of a big group and want to know what’s going on at the tail end? Perhaps this is where a sweeper comes into the picture, but sweepers are only human too. Even the strongest riders get burnt out. This is where the UClear HBC 130 Helmet Communicator kit should come in handy.

Before the official launch by Hodaka Motoworld at the OCBC Cycle Singapore 2012 last week, we were given an exclusive look at this device.

The HBC 130 pairs instantly with mobile phones via Bluetooth, giving users the ability to answer calls, play music, use GPS functions and communicate with other users. It has a voice command feature that allows users to answer calls without the need to reach for the phone.

Unlike traditional in-ear buds, the HBC 130 uses tubes instead of wires to transmit sound. This maintains the sound quality, while still having the ability to hear the surroundings.

The coolest bit is that in addition to all the above features, the controller unit that is mounted on the helmet is pretty light and measures in at a mere 6cm by 4cm. Another thing that might surprise you is the absence of a boom. This means that there is no annoying protrusion from the helmet that sticks out like a sore thumb.

In place of a bulky boom is a pair of beam microphones imbedded in the headsets which are mounted on the rims of helmets, just above the eyes. This makes the entire kit fit neatly on the helmet. Wind and noise cancellation also makes voice detection clear with minimal interference.

The kit can also be paired with walkie-talkie kits to increase the communication range between two riders with a supplementary WT300 set.

Stay tuned as we try out the kit and take it to the roads soon!