Pivot takes the perfect 4

A little while back a guy called Dave Weagle developed the DW Link, according to legend, the most stable pedalling platform ever seen in mountain bike history. The design was so successful it was licensed to several manufacturers who used it as a basis for their entire range of bikes. One of the early adopters, Pivot, latched on to the new design and created one of the most nimble trail frames ever.

The DW Link works by isolating braking and pedalling force from the action of the rear suspension. It has been such a successful design that it is now seen on the likes of Turner, Ibis and Pivot, some big brands indeed. Yeah, I know he is the designer, but in a recent interview, when asked if he could not ride a DW Link bike, which suspension platform would he choose from a line up of possible rides, Dave stated straight faced, that he would close his eyes and point in a random bike’s direction. Such is his confidence in the design, nothing else would do.

New from Pivot in 2015 is the Mach 4 27.5, in carbon and alloy. Far from being an old frame reworked to accommodate the larger wheels, the new Mach 4 is the lightest frame Pivot have ever produced, coming in at 2.3kg for the carbon model. It is also the first frame to be compatible with Shimano’s new Di2 with an internal battery mount in the downtube. The bottom bracket has been lowered and the head angle slackened, to bring it more in to line with current trail bike geometry, as opposed to pure XC. The complete bike options are numerous and feature all the tasty component choices your budget might allow, from Di2 drivetrains to Reynolds carbon rims.

Sure to be a singetrack weapon the new Mach 4 is distributed in Singapore by Tiong Hin Company


View here for the exclusive interview by the Togoparts Team during the Eurobike 2014: