The New 2015 Range – Kali Protectives

No longer a new brand, Kali Protectives’ gear is now seen all over the world with riders like Antoine Bizet and Nicholi Rogatkin helping take the brand to the masses. Two designs from Kali Protectives caught our eye this year at Eurobike, new for 2015, the Maya and the new commuter/ urbun helmet

The Maya is Kali’s new enduro style helmet, taking styling cues from several others out there. It is a low profile design and features a deep back end to cradle the back of the head, not just sit on top. The Maya has lots of ventilation and a large moto-style visor made from an unusually flexible plastic, with an inbuilt camera mount. Most importantly, this helmet features a dual density inner which, in the event of impact, transfers the force laterally for dispersal.


The new commuter/ urban helmet is a particularly interesting design. Looking initially like a DJ style helmet it is only once you have a look that a few different features become apparent. Kali has integrated a tinted visor which retracts completely into the forehead space. It is tinted to keep the sun out of your eyes, but also large enough to offer some eye protection from water and mud sprayed up from the road surface. Perhaps more for the Northern European market than Singapore, this new design also features molded ear coverings, for those chilly morning rides. Kali rounds out their practical thinking with the inclusion of a mount for a rear light on the back of the helmet, probably the most visible location in relation to cycling in traffic.


Heres the interview vid, Togoparts team took during the 2014 Eurobike:


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