At the heart of Mondraker’s range of bikes lies something very different. Togoparts is at Eurobike 2014, trying to get our heads around “Forward Geometry”.

Eurobike 2014 – Mondraker’s 2015 MTB Range Flagship

At the heart of Mondraker’s range of bikes lies something very different. Togoparts is at Eurobike 2014, trying to get our heads around “Forward Geometry”.


Watch: Togoparts interview with Mondraker’s Juan Navarro at the Eurobike 2014:


The styling is extreme and not to everyone’s taste but as the Foxy R has just picked up What Mountain Bike’s “Trail Bike Of The Year” for 2014, so we’re inclined to take a closer look. By their reasonong the dramatically longer front/ centre section, paired with an ultra-short stem will have you ripping the trails like never before. I’ll bet you never thought you would be running a stem with 10mm reach

According to Mondraker:

“The geometry defines the spirit and performance of any bike, it´s the main responsible of our feelings and marks the character of the bike. Mondraker’s goal has been to move forward with a better overall geometry. This new concept is inspired on motorbikes geometry, also closer to other extreme applications as BMX or DH, and for sure not accepting the road heritage established a long time ago. Mondraker have taken the current trend that beats for longer top tubes and shorter stems, and carried it till the last consequences; really long top tube and almost not stem length.”

The designers at Mondraker have extended the front triangle by 60mm from previous models & at the same time reduced the stem legth by 60mm, from a previous 70mm. This places the rider in the same riding position, but with the shorter stem sharpening steering response. All geometry remains the same, with only the wheelbase increasing slightly. Of course you would expect more high speed stability from the longer wheelbase and Mondraker claims it helps keep the front wheel grounded on climbs also.

Mondraker are rolling out Forward Geometry across most of the range, so let’s take a look.

Gravity junkies will be after the Summum, with adjustable geometry and available in three models. 63 degree head angle not slack enough for you? Plus or minus two degrees to play with.

Shown here in the XR guise, the Dune is Mondraker’s enduro weapon, with “Zero Suspension System”, essentially a VPP design with a floating shock, producing 160mm of travel. It is offered in four models.

“Trail Bike Of The Year” Foxy has 140mm travel and sports the same “zero Suspension System” as the Dune. Classed as All Mountain by the manufacturer, it comes in three different models.

Falling in the Trail category, the 120mm Factor (pic 1) is available in three models, and theTracker (pic 2) has four options, both are built around  29″ wheels.

XC duties are taken care of by the Podium, with its “Integrated Stem Technology” and 29″ wheels.

Love it or hate it, it’s exiting to see manufacturers pushing the boundaries of what can be done with mountain bike design. This is the sort of product which compels Togoparts to visit Eurobike 2014 and to bring you the fresh ideas.

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