There is no better way to kick start the excitement in the latest developments in the bicycle industry at EuroBike than to test out the latest and newest bicycles at the Demo Day Event! Whether it is trails for mountain bikes or climbs for road bikes, there is something for everyone regardless of skill level. Located at Ratzenfried, a rustic village with picturesque scenery, riding at this location is nothing short of spectacular. Literally thousands of cycling enthusiasts come together for this event and the Demo Day site is brimming with all kinds of activities: cyclists weaving through the Demo Day ground, company representatives handling out freebies and the pure enjoyment every cycling enthusiast would feel- riding and talking about all things bike.

Bike tests

From the latest offerings from the major bike brands as well as latest trends in the industry, Demo Day allows visitors to go the numerous booths of their choice to loan the bikes for test-rides at the designated trails or road routes. Being the self-confessed roadie, I took one of the latest LOOK Bikes, the 675 for a spin. It was almost like a dream come true for me, riding the latest road bike from one the top brands in road cycling in the cool air of the German countryside.

It’s like a dream come true for any bike enthusiast to be able to ride in the German countryside, with the latest models!

Throughout the day, there was a non-stop queue at the Specialized booth!

Road Bike Highlights

Words could not do justice to the sheer excitement I felt, being able to witness the latest road bike models decked out with the most impressive kit and components and that it was also possible to take them out for rides. I would the pictures do most of the talking! Enjoy the extensive photo gallery of road bike porn which were scattered throughout the Demo Day site.

Fancy the latest Cervelo S3, anyone?


The EuroBike 2012 Demo Day Event was thoroughly enjoyable for me, from the moment of entering the press office till returning the bikes after the test-ride. The experience of riding in Germany is of a whole new level and riding at the event made realize that, yes, it is possible for drivers and cyclists to share the roads, safely and considerately. Even though it was my first and relatively short time of riding in Germany,here was never a moment in which I felt pressurized by a driver behind me when I was on the road. To top it up, riding with quiet winding descents with the cold breeze blowing on my face, green hills and beautiful blue skies makes the Demo Day an unforgettable experience for years to come.