The Cyclist’s Choice Awards: SH+ Helmets

Nick Ee | 27th Feb 2017 | FEATURED

Started in 1978, Italian company MA.RO Group SRL has over thirty years of experience manufacturing cycling helmets and accessories for a number of very well known cycling brands in Italy.  With numerous years of collaboration with some of the biggest cycling brands and companies, their vast experience in the designing and manufacturing of helmets is clearly evident with their range of high quality and performance helmets, moreover their products are wholly made in house in Italy.  At the turn of the new millenium, MA.RO Group took on the entire world’s bike accessories market with the launch of four seperate lines of products under the SH+ brand, ski helmets, ski goggles, eyewear for multi sports, as well as their excellent range of bike helmets.

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It is no wonder that SH+ is one of the leaders in the cycling helmet industry, their strong research and the use of highly function materials coupled with innovative designs produces some of the lightest and best performing helmets in the market today, where each new product designed is a journey in itself, driven by their motto “never to be satisfied” which ensures that they are constantly improving and innovating.

Although SH+ did not emerge as a winner for the best helmet brand, they still deserve a special mention because their helmets are not only of very good value but also perform very well too.  Personally I am currently using the Shalbi, although it isn’t their top end model, the fit is excellent as it is probably the most comfortable cycling helmet that I’ve ever worn, aided by the Speed Turn System IV which enables the user to very quickly grip the sides of the head to produce a very snug and comfortable fit.  Weighing in at only a scant 230 grams, this helmet is also very light when compared to my other much more expensive and “more famous” model, moreover, the matt black and orange colours and simple design completely caught my eye the minute I saw it in the shop’s window.

Another excellent helmet from SH+ is their top model Shalimar, this in-molded type helmet consists of an EPS structure and a polycarbonate shell cover to create a helmet that dissipates energy away from the user’s head by creating resistance from any mechanical action during an impact.  This helmet also has a very aerodynamic shape with the uniquely designed tail, which was designed and engineered after extensive wind tunnel tests with the aide of expert designers.

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Keeping the rider cool and comfortable is also another critical and very important feature for any cycling helmet, the Shalimar’s unique shape and positioning of external vents coupled with specially designed inner air channels to the outer shell, keeps the head cool and dry, critical for a rider to maintain optimal performance at even the highest level of competition, maximum heat dispersion was also considered when designing this helmet to effectively allow perspiration to easily evaporate.

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The extraordinary fit and wearability is another key element, internal pads that are provided with the helmet are exclusive cut using laser technology, ensuring that every cut is made with surgical precision and dedicated to the shape and position of the vents in the helmet.  SH+ helmets engineered and manufactured to the highest quality and specifications and meets the technical standards and safety requirements of today’s highest industry demands, giving you complete peace of mind whenever you don one of their helmets before your ride.

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Although SH+ did not emerge as a winner for the best helmet brand, they still deserve a special mention because their helmets are not only of very good value but also perform very well too.