Meticulousness is the name of the game.

Customisation has been a sweeping trend ever since consumers grew bored of generic stock designs and saw fabric as a blank canvass to express their creativity on. There are already stores around Singapore offering customized T-shirt services, and it is about time cyclists are being afforded the same liberty.

The Cyclist Mess flaunts a wide range of jersey materials.

Enter The Cyclist Mess, a local company dedicated to providing high-quality, comfortable, and affordable jerseys to the burgeoning cycling community. Started in 2015 by 2 avid cyclists, Darius Lua and Janessa Hoe, The Cyclist Mess has since garnered rave reviews and a sizeable following that is growing stronger by the day. Above all, many have praised the relative ease of the entire process, so what exactly goes on behind the scenes, you may ask.

When was the last time you’ve seen such an extensive colour palette?

First thing’s first, the gist of the customisation: design, and even this is greatly assisted by The Cyclist Mess’ design team. Upon submitting your proposed design, the team will match it with the colours on their palette for the perfect complement.

You won’t find knockoffs here; these fabrics are exclusively sourced.

Next comes the selection of material. The material of the jersey is more often than not the most important factor, and The Cyclist Mess has therefore duly provided a range of 11 different types, ranging from permeability to durability. It is also possible to combine two or more materials for different segments of the jersey, such as the side panel and sleeves. This is done free-of-charge, except Breathable Mesh and Italian Miti, as they are of a higher quality. Regardless, all fabrics are exquisitely sourced from Switzerland, Italy, and Taiwan. The Cyclist Mess is constantly in a state of evolution, so in 2018, 2 more Italian cloth materials will be introduced to its already impressive arsenal.

Lastly, pick your size (3XS-7XL) and cut (casual or race), with Male and Female Chamois Padding available. And, you’re done, or as Darius himself would say, “Voila!”

Once everything has been finalised, your work stops here, and it will be down to the craftsmen to bring your design to life. The sewing and printing of the jersey is done in Taiwan using sublime printing techniques, ensuring that the jersey is well-woven, and the design stays without fading. Having engaged their services for the #TOGO1050 and #TOGO517 finisher jerseys, this guarantee is something we can attest to.

How long does this all take, from planning to shipping? Not very, it seems. The entire process takes 3 weeks on average, a very reasonable timeline given the sheer uniqueness of each project.

Clearly, the process is simple enough, but that’s not all you can do. The Cyclist Mess takes customisation to a whole new level. Do you have a concept in mind but can’t articulate it on paper? Let the design team know, and they will come up with a few drafts for you, chopping and changing according to your specifications until you are fully satisfied. What about reflectors, zip pockets, individual names, or printed gripper sleeve ends? All these are available, free of charge!

If you’d like to have a feel of what they’ve done, check out the repository of past projects and satisfied customers on their Facebook page. More details can also be found on their website here.

The need to artistically express yourself is an innate part of the human desire to create a unique identity, and cyclists are no different. Just imagine how amazing a peloton would look like with so many different designs of all shapes and sizes.