Coffee on a bicycle

Alvan Sio and Mardi Gras | 5th Aug 2015| PRODUCT REVIEWS

Coffee on a bicycle. Yeah you read right. Someone’s serving coffee on a bike.

We found this idea rather interesting; so interesting we got in touch with Madi Gras, the founder of Apostrophe Coffee & Crafts.

So how did he start serving coffee on a bike? “I got involved in the project when the founder of Bicycle Barista, Tony Boatman, got in touch with me some time in August last year. After looking at the prototype, I agreed to collaborate with him to get the project going”, said Madi Gras.

Bicycle Barista is a social enterprise and its mission is to empower entrepreneurs who would like to start a coffee business with low investment costs. The target audience is mostly corporate offices and with a small footprint, where the bicycle fits in nicely in the lobby. After spending six months with the founder, Madi Gras became the first franchisee worldwide and currently operates at 50 Scotts Road, from Mondays to Fridays serving coffee to the good people that pass by.

So why a bicycle? Simply because a bicycle hasn’t gone much of a carbon footprint, or at all for that matter. Mobility is also not an issue, as a bike will go just about anywhere including lifts, which is how the Bicycle Barista gets around each floor. Pretty smart and nifty if you ask me.

The bicycle barista concept is one with global franchise opportunities; the project aims to support individuals who are passionate about coffee and would like to start a coffee business. They liaise with building managements or tenants for zero or low rent to provide a service to the population in the building. In Singapore, Barclays Bank has invited another bicycle to operate in their space to cater to the needs of the traders. You will find another bicycle barista there, who of course, is a friend of Mardi Gras.

It goes without saying then, that everyone loves the service and appreciate how a small setup can churn out great coffee. In turn, this dispels the notion of needing swanky equipment to brew a good cuppa.

“I feel it all boils down to the love the barista express in each cup and as Purveyors of Happiness, we love what we do” says Madi Gras.

We certainly love it too, and at prices starting from $3 for an espresso to $4.50 for an 8oz cafe latte, the coffee is affordable and everyone can enjoy one. The bicycle barista does events too, where the drinks are prepaid by the host for their guests.

There is also a sponsorship program which began last month for NGOs, which sponsored Platform Projects in Gillman Barracks for their Arts Day Out event. The bicycle barista loves to give back to the community, a reflection of how this society hasn’t lost touch of its humanity.

We’ll just let Madi Gras do a quick shout out, simply because he’s doing the community a great service.

“I would like to give a big shout out to Tony Boatman, the founder of this project who is now busy in New York launching another two of the bicycles, for giving me the opportunity to helped build this projector together. As the founder of a movement brand myself, it is always interesting to collaborate with unique partners.

To the followers of Apostrophe Coffee & Crafts who have been supporting the cause for a year now, thank you for your support in all of our crazy projects and lastly to our coffee roasters Gentlemen’s Coffee Company for having the patience with us to curate our own house blend and for supporting us in many ways.

What made this project work as a whole are the collaborations between people who are madly in love with coffee. Without that love it will be hard to get it to where it is now. And also thank you to for this interview.”

We at Togoparts sincerely wish Madi Gras, Apostrophe Coffee & Crafts as well as the Bicycle Barista concept a resounding success in all their future endeavours.

So what are you waiting for? Head down for a cuppa now!

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