Ever since our local authorities have given the green light to officially allow e-scooters to be used in Singapore, the demand for these electric versions of manual kick scooters have seen a rapid increase of demand in the very recent years. These e-scooters have given many people another alternative means of transportation, especially for those who dread the daily long walks between their homes to get to the train or bus station, as we all know that feeder bus services can sometimes get quite inaccessible especially during the peak hours of the day.

Mobot has a wide range of e-Scooters in their catalog, and they should have a model that would be able to meet any customer’s needs and requirements, so be it if you require a basic model just to zip around the park to take your dog out for some exercise, or to actually use one to get to commute to the office every day, Mobot should have a suitable model already in their arsenal for you, and you can rest assured that all of their e-scooters are also LTA Compliant and Approved.

Mobot Wide Wheel

Probably the most stable and most comfortable 8” wheeled e-scooter that I have ever ridden, the Mobot Wide Wheel is a new evolutionary e-scooter that has ridiculously wide 100mm tyres, although the very wide tyres look somewhat odd on an e-scooter, the amount of traction during turns as well as the upright stability of this e-scooter gives you a truly safe and stable ride, in addition, both the front and rear wheels have built in suspensions that are made of four individual alloy coil springs which makes your every ride incredibly smooth and comfortable.

The Wide Wheel is fitted with a high powered 48V 500W BLDC hub motor which provides a huge amount of torque for excellent climbs up steeper inclines as well as much improved riding performance for those demanding riding conditions. Proudly designed in Korea, the next generation controller box is customized to enhance the riding performance while prolonging the life of the motor with a smart heat controller. The main frame is forged with cutting edge die casting methods which gives this e-scooter excellent quality and strength while still maintaining beautiful esthetics.

For added safety, the WideWheel has a built-in front LED light as well as a rear brake light, and for excellent stopping power, a 120mm big brake disc is built-in as well.

Click here for the Mobot Wide Wheel full specifications. Price starts at $999.

Mobot Freedom 3S

Another great model in their rage is the Freedom 3S, this e-scooter is probably one of the lightest 10” wheeled e-scooter that you can find, weighing in only at a lightweight 14kg, the Freedom 3S still has a 16cm wide standing deck, primarily because of its magnesium alloy body. For a very comfortable ride, the front wheel has built-in suspension system to smooth out uneven paths so that you can enjoy that extra comfort for longer rides.

The 3S is powered by a 36V 400W brushless motor and it has enough power and torque to bring you up a rather steep 15 degree incline if required, and similarly with the 5S, this model can also be quickly folded down into a very compact package to ease of storage and transport. There are three battery sizes to choose from, the largest 18Ah battery can take you up to 40km on a single full charge, while the 13Ah and 8Ah batteries give you 30 and 25km ranges respectively.

For added visibility and safety, the Freedom 3S comes with a very bright front headlight and rear lights as well as a rear disc brake.

Click here for the Mobot Freedom 3s full specifications. Price starts at $899.

Mobot Speed Mini 5S

The new Mobot Speed Mini 5S is the upgrade model of the Speed Mini 4S as this new model now comes with an upgraded 48V motor which provides even more power and torque to the rear wheel, quite a boost from the previous 4S which had a 24V motor instead.

Equipped with a hydraulic spring suspension system at the rear that smooths out bumps and holes in the ground for a more comfortable ride, the Speed Mini 5S can easily bring you on an impressive 35 to 40km commute range in a single full charge if the route is nice and flat.The 5S is also equipped with built in front and rear LED lights, a rear drum brake for stopping efficiency, as well as a coloured LCD display that shows you your battery’s charge level as well as current speed.

This model also has a quick fold feature that easily folds it into a very compact package for ease of storage, plus with the addition of the built-in trolley wheels means that you can also wheel it safely vertically standing up onto public transport without occupying much space at all, and if you ever require a seat for the e-scooter, the seat can also be easily folded down.

Click here for the Mobot Speed Mini 5s full specifications. Price starts at $999.