Sports enthusiasts and athletes have a plethora of options when it comes to customized technical apparels, be it cycling, triathlon or running.  Often, it can be a challenging task to choose the right partner.

If you are looking for uniquely designed apparels for your own team, the brand Champion System is definitely something you should consider.

As one of the leading custom cycling and triathlon apparel brands in the market, Champion System, established in 2005, has more than over 25 offices worldwide and operates their own production facilities to ensure quality and consistency of their products.
Champion System products utilize high-quality fabrics from Italy and the best inks and printers from Japan. The fabric material has undergone independent tests with high ratings of comfort and performance.
Some of the issues which may deter customization of kit are the complicated design process, large minimum order quality and long waiting times. Champion System is one of the companies that has the shortest lead times for delivery here in Singapore. Customers can expect to collect the Champion System custom apparel between 5-6 weeks upon confirmation of design and sizing, with just a minimum order of just 10 pieces of one main. There is an option of ordering additional matching apparel such as shorts, bibshorts, jacket…etc., within the same order with no minimum.
In the cycling discipline, Champion System offers 2 types of cuts for cycling jerseys, namely the race cut (Euro tight fit) and club cut (American relax fit). Champion System jerseys move and breathe with the cyclist utilizing their exclusive microfiber CS Tech polyester wicking fabric. The jerseys are designed for cool, warm, and hot/humid conditions which are perfect for riding in hot and humid Singapore. Champion System jerseys are anatomically shaped and tailored to a riding position.
For the more performance oriented cyclist, the race-cut would be the best option as they are of a  ‘tighter’ fit like an European pro while the more recreational oriented cyclist can opt for the club-cut which is a with a more relaxed fit.
Besides that, Champion System also has an array of fabrics to suit individual needs.
For the most discerning cyclists of cycling groups, fret not. The level of comfort and performance that the customer gets from his Champion System is the same as the professional teams sponsored by Champion System: these include the Italian Lampre-Merida professional cycling team, the Champion System Pro Cycling Team and closer to home, our very own OCBC Singapore Pro Cycling Team.
Above: The OCBC Singapore Pro Cycling Team, one of the cycling teams sponsored by Champion System, in action at this year’s Tour de Langkawi (Photo credit: OCBC Singapore Pro Cycling Team)
Cycling Teams sponsored by Champion System: The OCBC Singapore Pro Cycling Team (in black), Champion System Pro Cycling Team & Lampre-Merida Pro Cycling Team (in pink/blue)
For cycling shorts, customers also have the choice of different types of cut and chamois. They are the standard and razor cut with either the Endurance or Race performance Chamois. The chamois are from Italy, designed for endurance-distance and racing respectively. The latter is the result of feedback from many customers and pro-riders around the globe.


Above: The Endurance Chamois (blue) and Race Performance Chamois (red) 
For cyclists who wish to go custom with their riding, triathlon or running apparel, Champion System is a compelling choice, with its no frills ordering process, low minimum order and short lead time at competitive prices. In addition, its proprietary fabric and chamois technologies provide comfort and performance for cyclists of all levels: from sponsored pro-tour level riders to everyday cyclists like you and I.

For enquiry, please contact [email protected].