The Exclusive Snoop!

If the future of cycling technology is anything to go by, going electric seems to be the popular direction. With Shimano spearheading the market with the Digital Integrated Intelligence (Di2), Campagnolo’s “gruppo elettronico”joining the line-up and even speculations about neuro-shifting, it doesn’t take a genius to see that this is just the start of something potentially big. Really big. Of course traditionalists would frown upon and perhaps even spit at entertaining such thoughts, but let’s not to go into that today.

We were fortunate enough to witness the first bikes in Singapore to be unboxed yesterday, put together and displayed for all to see, fully furnished with the much awaited goodies from Shimano – the Ultegra Di2. Kent from BikePlus was thrilled to inform me about the arrival of the three flagship Ultegra Di2-equipped bikes, one of which being the women specific Questa Di2.

Resident mechanic Wesley was like an encyclopedia of sorts, entertaining my daft questions and pointing out bits about the new components along the way during the build. Did I mention he rides too?

The components look almost similar to its older Di2 sibling apart from the slightly larger servo housing. The battery is the same for both and in fact the cabling for the Ultegra Di2 is said to be more fuss-free. Even the weight difference won’t be noticed. The only other difference I could really point out was the reach of the shifting to engage the gears. The Ultegra Di2 shifters seem to appreciate a little more push compared to the older Di2, but no harm done. There has also been local feedback that the battery life lasts slightly shorter than it should, which could be due to the hot and humid climate.

So there’s the low-down. Similar in many ways with the Di2 and even better in some, it is probably a good choice if you’re considering something electric and “intelligent”, while being intelligent about spending your money.
On deciding whether or not to take the plunge into going electric, well just take a look at the top three plus the green and spotted jerseys at this year’s Tour de France. I think coincidence is in a different picture. And speaking of pictures, go ahead and immerse yourself with those taken from the build. We know you want to.


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