Location: gpbikes

Niche Shop in a not-so-niche area

Off the corner of Upper Paya Lebar Road is a nice quaint shop that just started up, but has quite a lot to offer to people who are interested in fixies as well as high performance bicycles. You might be interested to know what gpbikes has to offer.

The moment you enter the shop, you’ll be greeted by Paul, a trained mechanic that can do everything from the simple tasks all the way to the complex art of wheelbuilding, all the in the rear corner of this shop. But this one-man-show is more astounding in its range of items. It’s not a mega-store where you can find every little thing, but it does have its niche.


New fixies on the block: RH+O!

You won’t find a big range of apparel or tools, but what you’ll find here are novelty items such as the Airbone pump, which is a very unique palm-size portable pump that is 99mm long and 59g in weight. And fixie riders rejoice, gpbikes stocks the whole range of RH+O fixies, including the various replacement components and options such as V-brakes, chains and pedals.

Then there’s also Kestrel, ITM and Vuelta. All these three high-performance road bikes and road bike components are distributed by gpbikes. If you want a frame from ITM and a wheelset from Vuelta, Paul can get it for you. Of course, if you want a full bike from Kestrel, Paul would be happy to accommodate.

That’s not merely a trainer in Paul’s eyes.

Before we left, we were introduced to a very interesting cycling trainer from BH. The BH G5 Tour Bike Trainer is a pro-grade spinning machine that Paul also uses to estimate sizing for the bikes he sells. By measuring the various geometrical distances such as crank to saddle height and top tube height, Paul would recommend a size for you.

In the end, I believe that we haven’t seen the best of what gpbikes has to offer. It has only been around for weeks and it is likely that more and more items will be available in his shop as time goes by. As of now, I didn’t notice any MTBs nor mini velos, but as previously mentioned, gpbikes is a niche shop… for now. Maybe.