Electric scooters have become something of the norm on our sunny island. It’s even in competition with the regular bikes such that Singapore company PopScoot has brought the scooter sharing trend into Singapore, in imitation of Bike Sharing. From one-seater to two-seater, simple technology to more advanced, Mobot brings to you three electric scooters at an affordable price range for your consideration.


1. Mobot Nimbast 

The Mobot Nimbast is a nimble 3-speed scooter.

Mobot brings to life the Nimbast Electric Scooter on its itinerary. The Nimbast’s large wheel-base, wide board-width assures the rider of balance even at high speeds. Capping out at 25 km/h on this mobile device is easy as breezing  – all you have to do is toggle between the 3 speeds on the speedometer powered on by holding down the power button. Its speed numbers can be changed by the press of the Speed Toggle button found beside the “power” button; the speedo also shows you the power left in the Lithium-ion battery that powers a velvety 48V/10 ,13 Ah 500W motor.

Frame material is High Tensile Aluminium Alloy. Decked out in quite a unique design of black with a tad of a matt touch plus red dashes in appropriate places, the Nimbast bespeaks of sleekness and quiet throbbing veracity. Taking it out for a test spin proves our assumption about power – this thing just leaps to life and accelerates like a spaceship at the mere press of the accelerating lever above the speedo. There is quite a smooth but drastic change between the 3 speeds, so toggle up accordingly to terrain and your comfort level. To brake, the Nimbast’s left-handled single brake (powered by its Electronic Brake System that powers on when you switch on the scooter) works like a well-oiled charm; the scooter slows down almost instantaneously, with such nimbleness I have to “pump-brake” to get off safely.

This little lever on the right is the accelerator – control its acceleration with the 3-speed mode.

Because of its nifty dual-suspension on the back side and the one in front, the Nimbast takes over bumps in Park Connectors with ease and relatively low bounce. I also appreciated how the scooter cruises on uneven surfaces quite easily – its organic oval-shaped deck is laid out with enough width to keep the balance yet not being too bulky or too slim to handle. Talking about portability, the Nimbast sports just the appropriate dimensions to fold it and bring out. Simply crunch the red pedal set on the stem-bar in the centre of the deck, unlatch the red-painted catch where the head-stem is and push in the handlebars for compact storage or lugging on board transport. Of course, coming at 16kg, you might wish to think twice about bringing the scooter on buses and trains during peak hours. It might go well in the boot of a car if you intend to ferry it somewhere else.

Otherwise, Mobot’s Nimbast is a perfectly stable, impeccably smooth-riding electric scooter designed for a max distance of 25-35 km at a single charge. It carries a maximum load of 125kg, so make sure you don’t overload it with groceries. Plan a trip to the nearest mall’s food court or go for a spin around the nearby parks – it’s perfect for the occasion.

Click here for the Nimbast’s full specifications.

The Mobot Nimbast retails at Mobot @ $1299.