Genesis is distributed by Integrated Riding.

This could be the beginning of something good.

Last week, OCBC Cycle Singapore 2012 saw a record number of almost 11,000 participants throughout the event. Alongside the Race Pack collection that ran on all three days was the cycling carnival that had over a hundred booths from merchants featuring their products.

At the Integrated Riding booth, their range of Boardman bikes took a back seat that weekend, while newcomer Genesis stood out smartly so steal the show. Amongst the myriad of carbon fibre and aluminium bikes at the expo, these handsome steeds drew interested eyes towards them.

In a world where lighter, faster, thinner, curvier, new materials and flamboyant designs are the order of the day, the quietly confident Genesis bikes stand out without any of the above features. Crafted from Reynolds tubing, these British rides exude a charming quality that is absent in many of the ‘modern’ bikes in the market today.

Don’t expect them to win races or break records for you; but you can expect a quality ride with precision handling, comfort and durability. These are all good things, as they are the elements that should matter especially for riders looking to go the distance.

There were four models present at the show, and we liked what we saw. Here’s a quick run-through.

Croix De Fer

Cyclocross has been immensely popular in the west, and has also been slowly gaining traction in Asia in recent years as well. The sport’s traditionally ‘barbaric’ nature is now seen to possess a certain level of elegance amidst all the chaos.

Introduced three years ago, the Croix De Fer, a cyclocross bike named after the famous climb in the Tour de France, has been one of the staples for Genesis. It has been seen as one of those bikes with the features of both a roadie and the mountain bike.

The Croix De Fer was also one of the first bikes 700C to sport disc brakes, well before the they were officially to be UCI-legal.

Day One

The Genesis Day One is the younger sibling of the Croix De Fer and it seems to be living up to big brother’s expectations. With the clever use of mechanical Alfine internal hubs, you can say goodbye to derailleurs. This keeps the bike looking sleeker and uncluttered.

Initially designed for all-day riding, the Day One has become a hit with London commuters as well. Simply pop on some city tires and perhaps a handy bike rack and you’re all set!

Reynolds 520 steel keeps the frame nice and strong, with the ability to endure harsher riding conditions. A glossy orange paintjob then keeps it looking bright and chirpy.

Equilibrium 10 & 20

The Equilibrium is Genesis’ take on the classic road frame, crafted from Reynolds 725 chrome-moly steel. Two models were showcased – the Equilibrium 10 and Equilibrium 20. Both of which essentially share the same frameset, with carbon forks to shave off a little heft.

The Equilibruim 10 sports a gun-metal sheen coupled with a 10-speed Tiagra groupset, while the higher-end model is a luscious deep red with a 105 groupset. Forks are also colour-coded to add to the retro flavour.

No aero cut-outs, internal cables, integrated headsets or flashy paintjobs here. Instead, Genesis focuses on building the steel frames well with quality and comfort in top order.