Feliz Navidad!

We hope this Christmas greets you with blessed tidings and plenty of joy!

Regardless of whether or not you celebrate this occasion, make this a day for you to simply take a break just for yourself; to recharge your mind. Pause whatever you’re doing right now and look around you. Take in your surroundings. Be thankful. For the eventful year gone by. For the ones you love. And yes, for your bicycle(s), of course.

Be thankful for the little things in your life. Because sometimes the littlest things make the biggest difference(like how a 2.5mm change in your crank-arm length makes a difference). Because the best gifts in life will never be found under a Christmas tree. Because they are found in moments.

As Rose Kennedy once said, “Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments.”

Once again here’s wishing you Love, Peace and Joy. Have a wonderful Christmas and happy holidays!