As the SEA Games Gold Medalist, Calvin Sim once said, “Cycling is a team sport.” Teamwork is so integral in cycling that one man’s victory is never his own.


Same goes for the #TOGOSG55 challenge. We were able to break new grounds because we were in it together. 



Darren Lim, a  participant of the challenge and proud member of Singapore’s National Cycling Team said that “Long rides are very easy in the first few kilometres, maybe up till about 100km.”

“The longer the ride, the harder it feels.” Every part of his body would start to hurt the longer he cycled.

What kept him going were the friends around him and the aim to accomplish 200km before the end of the ride.



Riding alongside Daniel was his fellow national team cyclists. A total of 24 professional cyclists joined the National Day Challenge in celebration of Singapore’s 55th birthday.

Together, they’ve led the way and contributed to the first accumulated 55,000km for #TOGOSG55. Almost all of them clocked 150km in the first week of the challenge and completed more than 550km during the challenge period.


One of the commendable achievements was attained by Yasmin Yunus. Yasmin managed to unlock 10 achievements in 4 weeks. He was the Top 10 individual finishers who completed 150km in the shortest time during the challenge period.

14-year-old Yasmin was also one of the youngest participants of #TOGOSG55. In this year’s challenge, there was 6 national cyclist below the age of 16. All of them unlocked the SG55 Young Rider Classification achievement.



Overall, #TOGOSG55 was a rewarding experience for the National Cycling Team as riding together makes them go further.

“It wasn’t easy, but the satisfaction of completing it would make me want to do it again. It is the suffering in cycling that makes everything else in life much sweeter.” -Lim



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Photos by ProCyclingSG