2021 has been a trying but exciting year leaving bittersweet memories for many of us, but the memories for those who have been taking part in our events will be mostly sweet. So let’s turn the clock back one year and see what we have achieved throughout the year during the #TOGORIDE2021 Challenge.

Going The Extra Mile

All of you have truly put in real effort last year because we managed to cycle a whopping 20,428,898 km together as a community. To put that into perspective, the surface area of the Indian Ocean is just slightly over 20 million km, so we’ve managed to cover the Indian Ocean entirely and then headed over to Guatemala to do a round country challenge.

The participants of #TOGORIDE2021 have gone above and beyond during the challenge. They not only strived for achievements but have been consistent in their efforts, so much so that we had to create a leaderboard style Top 10 list to describe them. So here are our Top 10 Hits of our top achievers in 2021.

Making the habit of consistent cycling can be difficult for most people, even hobbyists. But these 10 got that out of their mind and decided that 2021 was the year that they were going to push like never before. So here are the Top 10 Male Cyclists who accumulated the furthest distances last year.

#1 Hardi_kustiawan from Indonesia with a total of 27,695.20 km clocked in.

#2 irsyad4jo from Singapore with a total of 26,026.09 km clocked in.

#3 uyraffy from the Philippines with a total of 24,725.24 km clocked in.

#4 thomasnlb from Singapore with a total of 24,714.68 km clocked in.

#5 seowkeong from Singapore with a total of 23,931.91 km clocked in.

#6 ptan19 from Singapore with a total of 22,729.98 km clocked in.

#7 Hzirien from Singapore with a total of 21,841.02 km clocked in.

#8 Bobby888 from Singapore with a total of 20,435.93 km clocked in.

#9 chinshyong from Singapore with a total of 20,293.98 km clocked in.

#10 samyong76 from Singapore with a total of 19,189.67 km clocked in.

Cycling requires real passion if you ever want to make it into a real habit. These 10 ladies that managed to put up a fight in the leaderboard were able to prove that no matter how difficult the task ahead might be, patience, consistency, and effort can push you to newer heights. So here are the Top 10 Female Cyclists who accumulated the furthest distances last year.

#1 marianamohd78 from Malaysia with a total of 16,249.47 km clocked in.

#2 marika96 from Indonesia with a total of 15,026.43 km clocked in.

#3 Ebird from Singapore with a total of 14,177.17 km clocked in.

#4 becstar from Singapore with a total of 13,516.97 km clocked in.

#5 lilylow11 from Singapore with a total of 12,180.22 km clocked in.

#6 Milla_Xiera from Indonesia with a total of 10,901.55 km clocked in.

#7 AdeleLee from Singapore with a total of 10,741.08 km clocked in.

#8 wonderssswoman from Singapore with a total of 10,690.23 km clocked in.

#9 Mummytiger from Singapore with a total of 10,774.04 km clocked in.

#10 ChanCarmen from Singapore with a total of 10,169.16 km clocked in.

It seems like 2021 was tough on you guys, you barely touched your bicycles last year. But no worries, we can always pick up the pace this year and make sure we never end up in this position again. Let’s try to make cycling great again in 2022. So without further ado, we present to you the Top 10 Bottom Performers of #TOGORIDE2021.

#1 Desmond Chong with 0 km

#2 Ian89 with 0 km

#3 Ironlady with 0 km

#4 Pchsg with 0km

#5 KJWoodsEMH with 0 km

#6 Lutfisoemitro with 0 km

#7 Alexteo315 with 0km

#8 Wateverlar with 0 km

#9 Maricriscgarcia with 0.002 km

#10 Tey_ with 0.004 km

Consistency Is The Best Policy

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take,” a very familiar quote to all of us which many do not take to heart but for one man, Bernard Tham, also known as tumtham, that quote might have been his way of life. 

Bernard took every shot he could take by competing in 23 challenges last year and managed to nail every shot by completing every single challenge that he took part in. He calls himself a newbie cyclist, but brother, you truly are a competitor within this community and we witnessed your grit and determination
In Bernard’s own words, “I have been participating in Togoparts since 2016 after a year of picking up cycling. Ever since then, I find the events held by Togoparts are meaningful and offer sane challenges to a newbie cyclist like myself, to continue to challenge my mileage year on year.”

The Fighting Spirit Trumps Age

They say when the body grows old and weary, humans will start to lose their edge and physical prowess. But at 67, Chee Tiong, also known as tohcheetiong, uses his age to his advantage with his vast experience compared to other younger cyclists.

According to Chee Tiong, his want of achieving strengthened his will to complete the challenges and to push him even further, he looks forward to the nicely designed t-shirts, medals, and certificates of achievement. 

He says that he has collected so many t-shirts that he wears for his rides to remember the challenges and the gratification from it. He definitely will not run out of t-shirts to wear during his rides because he has completed over 222 activities throughout 12 challenges. In his words, “Whenever there is a current cycling challenge, the desire to add more distance becomes my top priority and desire.”

Starting Them Young

Kids might be one of the greatest blessings that we can have as parents, so we do all we can to cherish them and protect them. Encouraging them to have fun with other kids and make friends when they are young. But we never expect them to perform as well as adults when it comes to sports. 

Well, Kah Ooi, also known as aerosignal, started with just wanting his family to have a common, healthy outdoor activity but eventually, his kids became encouraged to join the events when they loved the outfits from the challenges.

Kah Ooi also puts his personal touch to keep his kids going by giving them his medal when they finish together. So for him, it’s not just the sport that keeps him going but the love for his family that energises his rides. Kah Ooi says, “At the end of the day, they have a sense of accomplishment when they complete the course and we have fun exploring various places.”

Is it over? Of course not, with the new year comes new challenges. We present to you the #TOGORIDE2022 Challenge where you and your family and friends can join other cyclists in the community in creating a healthy life. See how you compare with others from other countries on our leaderboard!